• Mon Apr 14 2014

    If They Can Take the Heat, Then Spray

    I use heat as a primary method of controlling bed bugs. In some situations, it may be necessary to use a combination of heat, dust and spray. Should I apply dust or spray before or after the heating process? What products would you recommend I use in this combination, keeping in mind the Canadian regulations?
    Submitted by tony, ON

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  • Mon Mar 24 2014

    I’ll Be Back

    How long after an initial bed bug treatment should the retreatment be scheduled?
    Submitted by robert, TX

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  • Mon Feb 17 2014

    Spreadable Buggers

    Will the use of repellent products cause bed bugs to disperse further from the treatment area and spread an infestation to untreated locations? Would sealing accessible cracks and crevices in an infested area make bed bugs spread to harder to reach harborage areas?
    Submitted by Stephanie, FL

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  • Thu Feb 6 2014

    Bugs in Tough Places

    I’ve been treating a lot of apartments for bed bugs and have noticed that, in some units, the bed bugs appear to be coming out of the vents from the air conditioning unit. Any ideas how that area should be treated? Also, what is the best method for treating a crib for bed bugs? I am using Temprid in an Actisol machine and getting amazing results. I’m just a little wary of treating a crib as...
    Submitted by Thomas, CA

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  • Thu Jan 30 2014

    Full Steam Ahead

    Do you have any recommendations on steam equipment products for treating bed bugs? Also, is it necessary to buy a commercial type steamer and pay big bucks versus a non-commercial steamer?
    Submitted by steve, CA

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  • Tue Jan 14 2014

    The Situation Room

    What is the best product to use for bed bugs and how many times should we do a treatment in hotel rooms?
    Submitted by Jean, FL

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  • Fri Jan 3 2014

    Can’t Eat My Dust

    I was talking to a customer about an application of DeltaDust for bed bug treatment. Considering the structure of the bed bug's mouth, how is DeltaDust effective against these critters?
    Submitted by Scott, KY

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  • Thu Jan 2 2014

    They’re Baaack!

    I have been doing a lot of bed bug treatments throughout Los Angeles and am often asked, “Where do bedbugs come from?” They want to know what country they came from or where they began. Any suggestions on what I can tell the tenants?
    Submitted by Thomas, CA

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  • Tue Nov 19 2013

    When You See Me, Then You Won’t

    When treating for bed bugs, should the whole house be treated or just the rooms where you find them during inspection?
    Submitted by mike, KY

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  • Thu Oct 31 2013

    Tenting for More than Termites

    Is tenting a home or business for bedbugs recommended?
    Submitted by Louis, FL

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  • Tue Oct 29 2013

    If Only They’d Knock First!

    Can an apartment be successfully treated for bed bugs if connecting apartments are infested?
    Submitted by mike, KY

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  • Tue Oct 15 2013


    I treated a unit for bedbugs 21 days ago. I reinspected the unit and did not find any live bedbugs. However, the customer wants me to treat the unit again. Can this be done legally even though no live bedbugs have been found?
    Submitted by MANUEL, CA

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  • Mon Oct 7 2013

    A Responsibility to Find Out

    A potential customer calls and I visit her home for possibe bed bug activity. When I establish by visual inspection that a child's room has a severe bed bug infestation, am I legally required to report same?
    Submitted by Richard, TX

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  • Wed Sep 25 2013

    A Heated Dust Up

    What are all the dust products used to elimate bed bugs? What is the mortality rate and date range of elimination? What is your suggestion for treating bed bugs located behind paneling and insulation? We are noticing that bed bugs are beginning to hide behind paneling and even behind insulation, making heat treatments not as effective. What is the best solution?
    Submitted by Becky, AL

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  • Wed Aug 28 2013

    Bag ‘em Up!

    What do you recommend for servicing libraries for bed bugs? Bed bugs are being brought in on returned books, movies and patrons.
    Submitted by Bob, IN

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  • Thu Aug 15 2013

    Doctors Don't Know Everything

    Can a doctor/dermatologist determine that a bite on a person was caused by a bed bug?
    Submitted by Richard, NY

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  • Tue Aug 6 2013

    Which Came First? The Hitchhiker or the Car?

    Bed bugs hitchhiking in shoes makes sense since body heat is attracting them. But what makes a bed bug hitchhike in a purse or suitcase since there is neither heat nor carbon dioxide emanating from them?
    Submitted by jon, IN

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  • Tue Jul 16 2013

    Death by DE

    How effective is diatomaceous earth in ridding of bed bugs and what is the mortality rate? Also, can it be used with other liquid sprays?
    Submitted by stephen, CA

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  • Fri Jul 5 2013

    L’eau de Cimex

    We use canine inspections to check our bedbug work. Currently, we are re-inspecting anywhere between four hours and two weeks after treatment to do this. We have had canines hit on a couch four hours after a thorough heat, which may mean that the treatment was not 100% successful. However, I understand that the live scent may remain for hours after a kill. In your opinion, how long after a t...
    Submitted by Cheryle, CA

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  • Fri May 24 2013

    Break the Cycle

    I have a house that has found four bed bugs. I have treated furniture and baseboards with liquid and dust. When they find a bed bug, it's always crawling on a wall or in an out of the way spot. They go to a church where I found bed bugs. I’ve only found one bed bug and no cast skins or spots in the usual locations. They always find them after they are at the church. I think they are bring...
    Submitted by Mike, OH

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