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  • Sun Apr 17 2011

    Driving Ms. Slimey

    A customer called us about slugs/snails covering her truck. While we were out to service her home we noticed about 50 snails in the truck bed. What causes this? She asked me why they were there and I didn't have a answer. I told her I would have info for her soon. Can you help?
    Submitted by ANGELINA, CA

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  • Tue May 18 2010

    A Royal Gathering

    I responded to a call last week of large, sluggish Yellowjackets active by a sliding door inside a home. The customer stated that it was the third year that this has happened. I know that Queens can overwinter, but it seemed unusual that a dozen or so wasps would all be queens. Do new colonies start forming in late April/early May, or am I seeing residual activity from last Fall? The house wa...
    Submitted by Nathan, MA

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  • Sat Mar 13 2010

    Slugs And Bugs

    I have a customer who has little beetles that look like sawtoothed grain beetles on the floor next to base boards in every part of her home. I have treated with CyKick CS and bifenthrin and they don't seem to have slowed down a bit. Do you have ideas on what I need to do next? Also, I have a customer with lots of slugs on the side of her home, and we have used Sluggo and another granular snail ...
    Submitted by James, AR

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  • Sat Mar 7 2009

    Stinking, Sliming Snails

    I have a facility that has a snail problem. What's the best thing to use to not interfere with the exterior bait staitions that are in place?
    Submitted by sabrina, CA

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  • Sat Nov 29 2008

    A Bait Who-Done-It

    In a few of our bait stations that are around pine straw the bait is gone and there are several snail shells in the stations. Can you suggest something to fix this problem?
    Submitted by kimberly, AL

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  • Sun Oct 8 2006

    Snips and Snails and Frogs Without Tails

    Good evening. What are the differences between Feadline m-p and Sluggo, other than the domestic animal warning on the Deadline? What do you recommend between the two down in the Caribbean? Thanks
    Submitted by Wayne

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  • Thu Oct 20 2005

    Slip Sliming Away

    Do you have any advice on slug control methods. I am having a lot of customer complaints of slug problems. I have done a lot of research and spoken with other technicians, and they all say pretty much the same thing, that all the "slug" products out there such as pellets and baits are a gimmick. I would love to hear your take and suggestions on this. Thanks
    Submitted by Jason, GA

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  • Sat Jul 2 2005

    Suffering With the Slime

    I have a customer that is suffering from brown garden snails. The yard is quite big. Is there a chemical aplication that can be used to treat this problem or do I have to use baits? Wayne
    Submitted by Wayne

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  • Tue Oct 26 2004

    An Unwelcome Escargot

    I have a customer with slugs coming into her kitchen. What treatment and chemicals would you recommend for this pest? Thanks, Howard
    Submitted by Howard, MS

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  • Sat Aug 7 2004

    Snips and Snails

    I have read your posts on slugs. The problem I have is finding a slug bait that is labeled for use around homes by PCO's. All labels I find for sluggo and deadline appear to be agricultural or turf and ornamental in nature. I have customers that have slugs as a nuisance pest are these treatable by PCO's and if so what product can we use.
    Submitted by Jay, TN

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  • Tue Dec 23 2003

    More Slug Repellents

    From preventing slugs and snails from destroying my "Contrac Blox" in the rodent bait stations, I scatter rock salt in the bottom of the inside of the bait station. Do you find any thing wrong with this? It seems to work fine.
    Submitted by James, CA

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