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  • Wed Apr 12 2017

    Ambient Flies

    The scenario is an outdoor Jamaican restaurant on resort grounds near a beach. The flies are moderate until fish is served. Ambiance is a huge factor to management who wants a real Caribbean experience for customers. Fly sticks and fly bags are not an option because they are ugly and must be changed too often. The management only allows an insect light trap in the small indoor food prep are...
    Submitted by Demettriss

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  • Tue Dec 8 2015

    Point in the Right Direction

    What is the best attractant for fruit flies? The setting is a restaurant with wine service and not much assistance from the staff. A combination of products has been used – to be honest, almost everything labeled for this insect. I can attain some control but not solve the problem due to poor sanitation. I would like to use a bait or attractant that can compete with beer and wine to reduce t...
    Submitted by Raymond, TX

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  • Tue Oct 6 2015

    Midge Quality Water

    With the heavy flooding rain in Florida this year, I have had the biggest issue with midges around clients’ homes that are near a pond or lake. The problem is worst around front and back doors. Is there some kind of a repellent product? I have asked them to contact their homeowners associations so they can contact an aquatic specialist.
    Submitted by Robert, FL

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  • Mon Jun 22 2015

    All Is Not Lost

    From time to time, a friend of mine asks me to "come take a look at something". They are a family with seven kids and move around to different rentals. Usually, the answer is simple—clean this up, keep this sealed, move this or keep the screen doors shut. The problem now is gnats, a lot of them. It took about 10 seconds to find a long-term leak inside the walls of the bathroom, kitchen, ups...
    Submitted by Mullen, CA

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  • Tue Jun 16 2015

    Gnat or Not

    Do gnats bite people?
    Submitted by ronald, AZ

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  • Tue Apr 7 2015

    Fermented Scented

    Is there any kind of pheromone sticky trap for gnats? I know in some situations you can almost never get rid of them 100% no matter how you clean, but if we can at least keep them away from areas where people are working, eating, etc.
    Submitted by Matthew, CA

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  • Fri Mar 20 2015

    Down to the Very Last Fly

    I have a heavy fly and gnat presence in a trash collection room. We have used baits, and enzymes in the trash chutes, but flies persist. Recommended product?
    Submitted by Cameron, CA

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  • Fri Dec 12 2014

    Ceiling Lights

    What is the best product to knock down cluster flies in a food establishment?
    Submitted by Jorge, FL

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  • Thu Oct 23 2014

    A Bag of Water a Day...

    Can a bag or bottle of water keep flies away?
    Submitted by WILLIE, CA

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  • Thu Oct 2 2014

    Not So Fast

    What is the best and safest way to kill gnats in floor drains? Should I use Orthene?
    Submitted by Matthew, PA

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  • Mon Jul 21 2014

    Infested Septic?

    I have a customer with a big moth fly issue. They have a 1,000-gallon septic tank where they seem to be breeding. Can you offer some suggestions on control?
    Submitted by Steve, MA

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  • Wed Jul 2 2014

    Now You See ‘Em

    I have a customer that is getting bitten by something. I checked for bed bugs and fleas but didn’t find anything. I set out a glue board under a lamp one night and returned the following day to find insects that I identified to be in the biting midge family. What exactly is a biting midge? If that is in fact what they are, how do I get rid of them?
    Submitted by craig, NC

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  • Wed Jun 25 2014

    Like Flies On ...

    What advice do you have for flies in and around horse stables?
    Submitted by Wendell G, NC

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  • Thu Nov 21 2013

    No Flying in the Halls

    I have a problem with either gnats or fruit flies coming from an apartment which we cannot get access to. They are now flying in the halls and surrounding apartments. What can be done as a treatment to rid of them at least in the halls and prevent from traveling to adjacent apartments?
    Submitted by mike, NY

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  • Mon Oct 28 2013

    Finding Maggots

    How do I get rid of fruit flies at a restaurant bar? The fruit flies are mainly in the bar area. What method do you recommend doing? I told the owner that they must clean up good every night.
    Submitted by Todd, NJ

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  • Thu Aug 29 2013

    Take Your Time

    We have a fruit packing plant that has a terrible fruit fly issue. They had grapes brought in from the fields that had fruit flies all in them. There are fans constantly blowing in the facility and we have asked them to lower the temp down to 37 degrees. What else can we do to eliminate the fruit fly issue inside this facility?
    Submitted by Kevin, GA

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  • Thu Aug 22 2013

    Fleas or Flies?

    I have a customer that is complaining about getting bitten in the back yard. They have a dog and, about 2-3 months ago, I treated the back yard for fleas. All of the people complain about getting bitten, not just one person. I ask the customer if they have seen anything and they say no, but they get welts on their legs that really itch. Could this be midges or thrips?
    Submitted by Travis, AL

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  • Wed Aug 14 2013

    They Know Where the Dead Bodies Are

    I'm having some issues with flies in a restaurant and I'm looking for products and solutions. They are not drain flies...more like bottle flies.
    Submitted by Tony, FL

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  • Fri Jun 21 2013

    Office Fun Guys

    What is the best way to treat for gnats in the interior of a medical office?
    Submitted by Kenneth, CA

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  • Thu May 2 2013

    Scat Ops What?

    Scatopsidae – is this a pest to watch out for?
    Submitted by Timothy, GA

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