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Sunday September 2, 2012


Mr Pest Control


There is a debate going on between myself and another pest control company here in the Southwest. He claims and tells his customers that our bark scorpions come up the house drains and this is the reason they find them in sinks and tubs. My belief is they do not and cannot come up the drains from the sewers and the reason people find them in sinks is that they crawl in or fall into them. Please settle this issue!

susan, NV

Mr Pest Control


I really do feel uncomfortable getting in the middle of disagreements, so I'll try to be diplomatic with my response. Let's examine one thing first, based on my basic knowledge of plumbing. ALL sinks and drains in a structure should have, if properly constructed, a "P" trap below the drain. This is a u-shaped curve in the pipe that retains water, and the purposes of this P-trap are to keep out odors from the sewer and to prevent insects from coming up that pipe from the sewer. Now, I never say never when it comes to bugs, and I used to feel confident stating that even American Roaches should not be able to swim past that water barrier in the P-trap, and therefore "should" not be ... Read more

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