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Saturday October 31, 2009


Mr Pest Control


When is best to use pre-emergent and post-emergent chemcials, and can you mix the two chemicals together?

Mr Pest Control


First, yes you definitely can mix pre- and post-emergent herbicides for a single application of both, and this is commonly recommended and even addressed on many herbicide product labels. The best example, perhaps, is Roundup, which has label directions for tank mixing with a wide variety of other herbicides. There may also be directions on some product labels that could prohibit mixing with other products, so it is very important always to read the full label before using any pesticides. They are not all going to say the same things, and if you miss some fine print on a label you could be using that product improperly, leading either to problems with your control program or even a citation by a regulatory inspector. This is not lecturing you specifically, but just general bl... Read more

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