Scorpions - Who's To Blame?

Tuesday July 10, 2012


Mr Pest Control


Friends of ours own a rental property in an area with scorpions. The renter's neighbors filed a formal complaint with the homeowners' association that scorpions are "nesting" in the yard and are responsible for the complainants' problems. First, do scorpions nest? Second, as pest control operators are we legally responsible for any issues that arise from scorpion problems such as medical bills, etc?

susan, NV

Mr Pest Control


Well..............a couple of interesting issues here and I am likely to tread very carefully on any advice about legal matters. But, in my opinion if someone (in this case the complaining neighbors) feel so strongly about this and feel their complaints are not resolved they may resort to a lawsuit, and in a lawsuit the attorneys are going to involve as many people as possible in an effort to get as much of an award as possible for their clients. If you are charged with eliminating pest presence on a property then yes, it is very possible that someone is going to claim that you have failed to do what you were contracted to do because those pests continue to be present on that property. And, ... Read more

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