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  • Sun Oct 9 2011

    Snakes And Social Lives

    Some questions about snake pits please. Where and how do they occur, can snakes make their pits anywhere they want or is the pit already made by other snakes? Can a snake make its pit in a hole such as a gopher hole? Can snakes make pits near residental areas or only out where there's nobody around? Please help me out with as much information as you can give me. Thank you
    Submitted by cleveland, AZ

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  • Tue Dec 7 2010

    Scatological Musings

    What do the droppings of skinks and lizards look like?
    Submitted by Andre, MD

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  • Mon Jun 1 2009

    A Barrier For Snakes

    I've been searching for a way or product to repel snakes. I found a product called Snake-Away and need to know how well this product works, how long it works, and if there are any alternatives. I have a bit of an odd situation. The place that I'm having a problem with is in a remote area surrounded by a lot of shrubbery. There is a large area around the home that has been cleared of shrubs an...
    Submitted by michael, CA

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  • Fri Nov 14 2008

    Snakes At The School

    Hello again. Thanks for your great answer to my previous question about 2-phenethyl propionate. As I stated in my previous question, I work for a school district. At one of my campuses there have been reports of a snake near the outside lunch area. I know very little about snakes and I was wondering if you could recommend any good websites or books about snake identification, specifically in ei...
    Submitted by Cameron, TX

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  • Sat Mar 29 2008

    Snake Stoppers?

    Most labels on synthetic pyrethroids warn of extreme toxicity to fish. I have always assumed this applied to amphibians and reptiles as well. Am I correct? If so, would pyrethroids be a good repellant to snakes? Thank you - Barry
    Submitted by Barry, WV

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  • Fri Oct 26 2007

    Don't Shoot The Messenger!!

    I have a client who became very angry when I told him there was no specific insecticide for killing lizards or geckos. I told him that when we exterminate his home and perimeter and get rid of the bugs that the lizards are feeding on, it would help his problem. I also suggested an examination of his home to find any openings they could be coming in through, and the application of a bleach and w...
    Submitted by Pat, TX

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  • Fri Aug 24 2007

    A Scat By Any Other Name Is Still....??

    How can I best explain to a customer the difference between lizard droppings and rat droppings?
    Submitted by Sara, FL

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  • Sat Sep 16 2006

    Are the Wasps Getting Wimpy?

    I live in southern West Virginia and I keep approx. 3-4 acres around my house mowed and trimmed (to keep the snakes back). On the average, I will kill 1-2 inground yellowjacket nests around my house per year. In the past 4-6 weeks I have encountered 9 nests, one above ground, eight inground. Even though I am a bit puzzeled over the sharp population increase this year my true puzzlement is this:...
    Submitted by Barry, WV

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  • Fri Sep 1 2006

    Scaling Into the House

    What can I do about lizards? I have been using glue boards with some success. Is there anything I can get to deter the little creatures. They seem to be entering on a back porch that has a lot of flowers and mulch.
    Submitted by Tim, GA

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  • Mon May 29 2006

    Goodness Snakes Alive!

    Submitted by pete, GA

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  • Sat May 20 2006

    Rousting the Rattlers

    Any ideas for management of rattlesnakes around a property that is in a rural setting?? Perimeter snake fencing, repellent??
    Submitted by Darren, UT

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  • Fri Jun 10 2005

    Slither Somewhere Else Please

    What is the best way to eliminate snakes?
    Submitted by Barbara, CA

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  • Mon Nov 29 2004

    The Down Side of Recycling

    I am about to begin treatment for a bottling plant. They have a return bottle system, so every day they receive thousands of cases of semi-empty bottles that eventually will go through the washing and disinfecting process. The problem is that the pallets, cases and even the bottles come into the facilities full of all types of bugs and animals, from snakes to scorpions, not to mention roache...
    Submitted by Guillermo, FL

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  • Thu Apr 24 2003

    Discouraging Snakes

    I am having one problem that I am experiencing in my Pest Control procedures,I currently work for a pest control company that deals in Commercial work,I have noticed an Influx of Snakes being in the Exterior rodent stations along the perimeters of Fences and Buildings,First question is,,What draws these snakes to be in the boxes? Are they trying to use the station as a temporary harborage? or a...
    Submitted by Joey, FL

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  • Sat Apr 5 2003

    Keeping snakes away

    I frequently am asked if there is a product available to repel snakes? (Gardener snakes in particular.) I know that if you eliminate their harborage areas, you can discurage them from hanging around the immediate area. I've been told that you can find a product that you sprinkle in the rocks that consists of a fiberglass material. Have you tried that method? Okay, that sums it up. Thank you...
    Submitted by Trudy, MN

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  • Sun Mar 16 2003

    Snake control

    I have a customer who has found rattlesnakes around her house and barn.Do you have a product for this problem and how does it work? Thank you.
    Submitted by Rick, NV

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