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  • Thu Mar 24 2016

    Like Oil & Soap

    What products can I apply to tomato plants in order to kill spider mites?
    Submitted by mark, CA

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  • Wed Jan 14 2015

    How Now Brown Whatever It Is

    Customers are finding some round Brown objects in flower beds, that when stepped on release brown powder? Can't remember what it is or where it comes from. Thanks for your help.
    Submitted by robert, FL

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  • Thu Oct 10 2013

    Black Trees

    Since we have started treating yards this summer, a lot of our customers are having crape myrtle aphids they are saying they didn't have until we started treating. The leaves turn black and I looked and saw aphids on leaves. Is this possible? It has been a very wet year. I’m not sure if that would have anything to do with it. What’s the best thing and fast acting to use to kill them? I hea...
    Submitted by Brian, GA

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  • Mon Aug 5 2013

    Powdery Plants

    What is your solution for powdery mildew and how to get rid of it on a variety of bushes?
    Submitted by tim, CA

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  • Thu Oct 22 2009

    Lawn Management

    I have a client with zeyora grass, although I may have that name wrong. The grass has a lot of fungus, possibly created by excessive watering. What kind of fungicide would you recommend and how often should the grass be watered?
    Submitted by Peter, FL

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