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  • Thu Feb 19 2015

    Strange Worms

    Our client has observed long thin worms inside the toilet bowls on several different floors of a high rise office building. I strongly suspect these are horsehair worms. The building has a history of American cockroaches. On occasion American cockroaches have emerged from dry drains and dry toilet bowls on the upper floors. What treatment alternatives are available to solve this situation?
    Submitted by John, OH

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  • Fri Sep 7 2012

    Crop Mounds, Not Circles

    Dirt mounds are popping up in the yard. Grayish colored, almost BB sized dirt. What would cause this?
    Submitted by Benny, GA

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  • Tue Mar 29 2011

    Webworm Control

    What is the best way to get rid of webworms, and when is the best time to do it?
    Submitted by kelly, OK

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  • Thu Mar 10 2011

    Not Part of the Spaghetti

    What kind of worms live around kitchen sinks?
    Submitted by ANGELINA, CA

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  • Sat Sep 18 2010

    Mesquite Borers

    At my home in Phoenix, AZ I just lost a 1 yr old Mesquite tree. The base of this young tree was roughly 2" across, and the tree went from being healthy to totally dead in just about 7 days. When we pulled the tree out just above the rootball the trunk broke off, and located in the center of the trunk were two worms, each about 1" long with heads perfectly flattened. The segmented bodies tapered...
    Submitted by Diane, AZ

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  • Thu May 27 2010

    Earthworm Problems

    Are there any products that are effective in controlling earth worms in the soil?
    Submitted by mark, NJ

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  • Thu Mar 11 2010

    What's Worse Than Finding A Worm In The Apple?

    I have been told different ways and times to treat for worms in apple trees. What is the right way and the right product?
    Submitted by michael, CA

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  • Wed Oct 21 2009

    Grubs Management

    I need something to control grubworms.
    Submitted by Luciano, TX

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  • Sun Aug 30 2009

    Pets And Parasites

    What is our role in control of roundworms in dogs?
    Submitted by kenneth, AZ

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  • Sun Mar 1 2009

    Hookworms and PMPs

    Do you know of any treatment for hookworms on the outide lawn? Thank you - Blair
    Submitted by Blair, LA

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  • Fri Aug 22 2008

    The Persistence of Parasites

    I have a client whose dog has whip worms. The vet told her to remove all fecal material from yard to prevent reinfestation. The material can't completely be removed. What can I use on her yard to stop this. the dog was transplanted here from Texas and had the worms already. She is afraid of infecting other dogs in the neighborhood.
    Submitted by Marci, FL

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  • Thu Aug 21 2008

    Green Spruce Blues

    I have a green spruce tree in a row with blue spruce trees. The last 2 years the green spruce has been attacked by a worm, about 1" long, pale in color with a reddish colored head. They eat the needles off the green spruce but they do not bother the spruce trees in the rest of the row. I sprayed them with Sevin and killed them off. What is the species of worm I am dealing with? Thanks in adv...
    Submitted by Chris, SK

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  • Fri Sep 14 2007

    The Label Exemptions Dilemma

    In your answer to the question about earthworms you said that using a pesticide for which earthworms are not on a label would be a violation. FIFRA 2(ee) exempts applications for a pest that is not on the label IF the application site is listed on the label. However, individual states may apply stricter requirements to the use of 2(ee) exemptions (such as some evidence of efficacy) since the p...
    Submitted by Michael, NC

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  • Tue Aug 14 2007

    Wireworms.....A Basic Food Group

    Hello. I have a two story residence with a serious infestation of wire worms. They are downstairs and upstairs in all rooms (tiled and carpeted floors) and are dropping into the upstairs light fixtures from the attic space. There is a small pond within 200 feet of the back yard, and the yard is not landscaped nor overgrown. We have applied Cykick to the exterior and Phantom to the interior and ...
    Submitted by Don, CA

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  • Mon Jan 23 2006

    Some Really Groovy Wood

    Is it normal for Cypress beams, located under a home (86 years old) to have wormy-like grooves, running with the grain of the wood? If you can help me with any info pertaining to this it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, B.LeBourgeois
    Submitted by Blair, LA

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  • Wed May 4 2005

    A Whole Lotta Worm

    Have you ever heard of an "Asp" worm and can you tell me anything about it?
    Submitted by Pat, TX

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  • Wed Sep 1 2004

    A Moth Without a Home.

    I have a house that I service every other month. This is a older home that has Plaster Bag worms inside the home. They love to stay in the Hallway and one back bedroom. This is also a wood frame home. Please let me know what you think I can do to get this problem solved. Thanks Bill South Fl.
    Submitted by Bill, FL

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  • Fri Aug 15 2003

    Hookworm Control by the PMP?

    Mr. Pest Control, Hope you are having an enjoyable day, I have a question for you. I have a customer whose dog was just diagnosed with Hookworm, the Vet told her to treat her yard, because where the feces drop the hookworms can establish a population. I have never dealt with this before, any advice would be appreciated. Thanks, Jeff
    Submitted by Andrew, TX

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  • Mon Apr 14 2003

    Treating Caterpillars

    when is the best time to spray for silk ,army,or inch worms
    Submitted by Kevin, TX

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  • Wed Jan 22 2003

    Cluster Fly Biology

    Can you possible describe to me the process of the cluster fly larvae? How does the larvae enter earth worms? How many larvae can a earth worm host? Does the earth worm die after the larvae leave to pupate? Is there any way to predict what the actvity level maybe before cluster fly season begins? At what time of the year do cluster flies start mating? How many eggs can a female cluster fl...
    Submitted by Brian, WA

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