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  • Sat Jun 16 2012

    Have Head Lice, Will Travel

    I have a customer that drives a tour bus with bunks in it. One of the passengers had head lice. Does the bus need to be treated? All furniture is leather and wood, marble floors. But the bunks have mattresses and bedding.
    Submitted by Cathy, FL

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  • Tue Feb 21 2012

    What For De-Licing

    What can you use to get rid of lice from your home?
    Submitted by Carl, CA

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  • Sun Oct 24 2010

    A Heady Problem

    How long will head lice live without a host?
    Submitted by Joseph, FL

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  • Mon Jun 8 2009

    Friends of Our Fine Feathered Friends

    I had to do exclusion of starlings at a Veterinary clinic, and now there are tiny lice coming from the ceiling and into sterile areas of the clinic. I cannot access the ceiling area well, as there are a lot of wires above the ceiling tiles. Because of limited access I also cannot remove the nests. Could you suggest any products to help solve this issue, keeping in mind that this is a sensitive ...
    Submitted by REBECCA, NY

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  • Sun Mar 15 2009

    Feeling Lousy At Church?

    I have a customer who wants to know if he can get head lice from the cushions in the pew at church if others have had lice?
    Submitted by Richard, OH

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  • Fri Feb 23 2007

    Saying Nix To Nits

    Hello - Is there a question in pest control you can't answer? Quick question - A customer called today asking if I could spray her home for head lice. Her little girl had lice last week and now she has eggs in her hair. She is still home from school and cannot return until it's gone. What is the correct treatment for head lice? What if she is getting it from school? How can you tell. Thank you...
    Submitted by Blair, LA

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  • Tue Dec 12 2006

    Pallets Should Not Be Aquatic

    Can you tell me about the Pselaphidae beetle and Bark Lice I found on some wooden pallets outside one of our commercial accounts. The area around these pallets, that are sitting uncovered on a slab, has standing water in some areas and moist ground in other areas. I would like any information you could give about these as well as the conditions in which the pallets are stored.
    Submitted by Charles, NC

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  • Fri Feb 4 2005

    A Heady Solution

    what is the best method of controlling head lice in a residence?
    Submitted by Chris, TX

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  • Sat Jun 14 2003

    Treating for Lice?

    how do i treat for lice problems in a 1700sqft house.
    Submitted by Kevin, AZ

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