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  • Mon Feb 3 2014

    Toilet Trained

    One of our clients has become very good at catching and putting down raccoons – 21 to be specific in the last 12 months. The issue started as a few raccoons using his pool for water and the roof of the upstairs balcony to defecate. Now he is confident that the original raccoons are gone, but every week or two, raccoons invade the pool and defecate on the balcony roof in the same area. His ba...
    Submitted by John, CA

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  • Sun Mar 13 2011

    A Flea Car Garage

    I have a persistent flea problem in the garage of a customer, where in the past there was a raccoon problem, followed by a rat infestation. All have been eliminated. The double garage doors are new and there are no gaps. The garage floor is clean. I have treated the floor three times with Permethrin and Nyguard. Here it is three months later and the fleas have re-emerged.
    Submitted by Louis, CA

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  • Thu Nov 4 2004

    A Masked Marauder

    I have a customer with a huge raccoon problem. These animals are getting all the way into the dining area and kitchen, especially at night, and are basically eating with the customers. We don't want to kill them, so we began to trap them using havahart cages. Due to government regulations we can not take them more than 7 to miles from the place where we catch them. Also apparently they hav...
    Submitted by Guillermo, FL

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