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  • Mon Jun 8 2015

    Avoiding Plantain Plantations

    Do you know of a product that will get rid of buckhorn (plantain) in lawns without killing the lawn?
    Submitted by Don, AZ

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  • Fri Sep 28 2012

    Crabgrass "Control"?

    I was wondering if there is anything new or different advice for problems with the dreaded Crabgrass. I haven't tried any Pre-M because of the timing factor for one (not down at the right time and you have wasted your money) and I have seen stunted roots on others that have had Pre-M used. The Crabgrass is in St. Augustine in central Florida.
    Submitted by Steve, FL

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  • Fri Mar 11 2011

    Killing Dollar Weed

    I have a problem with dollar weed, and have three different herbicides available - Target 6.6, Lesco Three Way Selective, and Celsius WG. What is the best herbicide for this problem?
    Submitted by Larry, TX

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  • Mon May 31 2010

    Why Surfactants Work

    In adding more surfactant I have noticed an increase in herbicide kill. Is this due to pH levels being increased by the sticker?
    Submitted by Cain, CA

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  • Sat Oct 31 2009

    Know Your Weeds For Good Weed Control

    When is best to use pre-emergent and post-emergent chemcials, and can you mix the two chemicals together?
    Submitted by Gerald, CA

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  • Tue Mar 11 2008

    Organic Out To Pasture

    I do not do weed control services yet, but I was approached by a home owner who asked this question - "I have one acre of land and I raise goats. My pasture is over run with weeds and I need to resolve the issue. Do you know if there are any All Organic Weed Products on the market that will kill the weeds but will not harm the goats in my pasture?" I could not answer her question at the time, ...
    Submitted by Rod, AZ

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  • Sat Feb 16 2008

    Weed Whackers

    Submitted by Tom, AZ

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  • Mon Jul 10 2006

    Whippin' On The Weeds

    Can you suggest some IPM steps for dealing with many kinds of small Noxious/Invasive weeds infestations, (particularly in Northeastern AZ)? Any herbicide recommendations for use in extremely sensitive areas?
    Submitted by christophet, AZ

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  • Sun Jul 17 2005

    Weed Whackin'

    What is the difference between a post emergence herbicide and a pre emergence herbicide?
    Submitted by Keith, FL

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  • Wed Apr 13 2005

    Calibrating for Weed Control

    How much Atrazine 4L would you mix in 200 gallons of water to control weeds in St. Augustine residential lawns ?
    Submitted by Michael, FL

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  • Tue Sep 21 2004

    Kudzu - From Miracle to Menace

    What can be used to control the weed kudzu?
    Submitted by Keith, FL

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