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  • Mon May 13 2013

    You Can’t Know

    A few of my customers are concerned about lizards on their property eating bugs that die off after a treatment. How much of a concern should that actually be and what’s a good answer for me to tell them? I use mostly Demand CS.
    Submitted by Clayton, NM

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  • Wed Sep 15 2010

    Lotsa Leapin' Lizards

    I've been seeing a lot of baby lizards in my house. Is this the time of year for them and are they a live birth or are they hatched? I'm sure it's not the same one, as I found one in my bathroom, caught it in a cup and took it to the backyard fence, which is a long way from the house. I'm not a lizard expert, but, I don't think it's the same one. Just wondering......
    Submitted by Linda, CA

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  • Wed Sep 2 2009

    Unwanted Lizards

    Customer has lizards in the house. What is the best method to use?
    Submitted by GINA, FL

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  • Sat Jun 7 2003

    Gecko Mania

    Is ther anyway of controling Gecko's (Lizards)aroud my home.They are mainly outside but from time to time they will get inside.Please help.
    Submitted by Tracy, NM

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  • Mon May 19 2003

    Lizard Control

    What can be done to remove or control the blue tailed lizards that are frequently found around the perimeter of homes and barns?
    Submitted by RON, AB

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