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  • Thu Nov 1 2012

    Got Gophers, No Mounds

    I have a customer that is having a gopher problem, but does not have any of the typical "horseshoe" mounds. She only has "feeding holes" made by the gopher in the grass area. Is there a proper way to treat these or to find the main run? I am using a "gopher getter jr." probe with strychnine bait.
    Submitted by Dennis, CA

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  • Fri Nov 4 2011

    Show Me The Body

    From time to time I attempt to catch gophers from a customer's property and go through the process of trying to open the lateral and follow it to the runway in order to set my traps. It can be very difficult to do sometimes, due to the type of soil, moisture, landscaping features, etc. I position the trap in the most likely spot, cover the hole, then check back the next day, and often for sever...
    Submitted by Michael, AZ

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  • Sat May 14 2011

    Gopher It

    How to detect and trap a gopher?
    Submitted by david, UT

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  • Thu Oct 21 2010

    Gophers In A Mud Bath

    Submitted by loran, CA

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  • Thu Nov 19 2009

    The Stability of Strychnine

    I have been treating for gophers using a rodenticide with strychnine. I was wondering how long strychnine remains toxic in the soil. I would like to till up the soil and plant a garden. My concerns are if I bring the bait back to the topsoil will the active ingredient still be toxic? I was also wondering if the plants would systemically take in the pesticide and make them unsafe to eat. I have ...
    Submitted by Tom, AZ

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  • Mon Oct 5 2009

    Go Fer The Gopher

    I have very little experience in pocket gophers but did a job last week for a lady where I tried using "giant destroyers" - a sulfur bomb, and I used 4 in 4 different holes. She called today and said she picked up some traps because the sulfur bombs didn't work. She had them trapped within the day. Question is, after using the sulfur bombs how can I tell if I got them or not? Would trapping wit...
    Submitted by Scott, AB

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  • Thu Feb 21 2008

    Watering Down The Bait

    Is the gopher bait 50 still effective after rain?
    Submitted by David, TX

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  • Fri Dec 15 2006

    Battle of the Burrow Buddies

    What is the best method to deal with Pocket gophers? Thanks, William
    Submitted by Willaim, GA

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  • Tue Oct 10 2006

    Taking It Underground

    What's the best way to get rid of gophers?
    Submitted by Jon, CA

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  • Mon Jun 12 2006

    Boppin' In The Burrows

    I've been using fumitoxin for gopher control. It states that the product can not be applied closer than 15 feet from an occupied home. An AG inspector said I can not use this product if the burrow leads to the house even though the application is MORE than 15 feet away. My question is: since they have a 15 feet application limit does this mean the gas can only travel 15 feet and no more, and i...
    Submitted by Defreese, CA

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  • Thu May 20 2004

    A Gopher Aftermath

    A friend had pocket gophers in his yard. They disappeared on their own two years ago. Now the homeowner is experiencing a lot of dirt caving in around his home. Small pockets of dirt, most about the size of a softball, cave in as it's walked on. My best guess is that the tunnels that the gophers made are collapsing because the gophers are not there to maintain them any more. Does this sound pla...
    Submitted by Kathleen, KS

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  • Sat Jun 7 2003

    Mole and Gopher choices

    Moles and Gophers... what is the best way to eradicate them with out the use of traps? thanks donna
    Submitted by Donna, FL

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  • Fri Jan 17 2003

    I Dig Gophers

    What's the best product you have for Gophers
    Submitted by larry, CA

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