• Thu Apr 10 2014

    Dog Eat Rat World

    If a home has dogs and they have a rodent problem and we bait using a rodenticide, what happens if the rodents die from the rodenticide and the dogs eat the dead rodents? Will the dogs be affected? Will the dogs die?
    Submitted by Jodi

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  • Fri Apr 4 2014

    Hard Wall

    Can mice gnaw through concrete if trapped inside a wall void?
    Submitted by WILLIE, CA

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  • Fri Jan 17 2014

    Between Points A and B

    What is the home range of a Norway rat and a roof rat from their nesting place?
    Submitted by joey, MS

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  • Fri Jan 10 2014

    Appetite and Environment

    What is the recommended follow up time for bait stations?
    Submitted by Cameron, CA

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  • Wed Nov 20 2013

    Sewer Bait

    Which rodenticides can be used to bait sewers?
    Submitted by Linda, ME

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  • Mon Nov 11 2013

    It’s Not Always Quality – Check Your Quantity

    I have a client that has converted an old barn originally built in 1917 into a residence. Being in an agricultural setting and all the variables that go along with such – like multiple food sources, surrounding plowed fields, sheep, goats, chickens, cows, etc. – it has a major mouse and rat problem. Each time I visit, around 30 Contrac Blox are gone, about 10 a day. The site is approximatel...
    Submitted by Richard, TX

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  • Wed Oct 30 2013

    The Stinky Stage

    How long does it take for a rat to decompose? Is the smell of a dead rat unhealthy for humans to be around?
    Submitted by Thomas, CA

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  • Tue Sep 24 2013

    Inconsiderate Maybe, but Not Illegal

    What are the legal implications of using more than one bait, consequently more than one active ingredient (ex. bromadiolone and brodifacoum), inside one bait station?
    Submitted by Marcus F., FL

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  • Fri Aug 30 2013

    A Rat Eat Rat World

    Do rodents eat each other?
    Submitted by Jodi

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  • Fri Aug 23 2013

    You Smell a Rat?

    I am in need of some advice on a serious pest control issue. Since the end of June, I have had a Norway rat in an elementary school that got in during ongoing construction. Doors were left open, etc. I prebaited for four nights and set traps for two weeks with no luck. There’s no infestation, no droppings found and no sightings. Only two stuffed animals torn apart for the pea filling and o...
    Submitted by tim, ME

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  • Thu Aug 1 2013

    A Possible Lack of Communication

    Many companies use chlorine bleach to clean their floors. I was asked by one of my colleagues if these cleaning products could break down the smell of urine and disorient a rodent population. Is there any research on this?
    Submitted by Marcus F., FL

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  • Thu Jul 18 2013

    Where there’s Pee there’s Probably Poo, Too

    Are black lights useful in tracking rodent activity (mice) and does Univar offer these for purchase?
    Submitted by Wayne, AL

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  • Mon Jun 24 2013

    Worry About the Pee, Too, Not Just the Poo

    What are the problems a person could have as a result of exposure to roof rat droppings in attics and substructure areas?
    Submitted by Jerome, CA

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  • Tue Jun 4 2013

    Spend Your Money on Me

    I recently took over an account with a severe mouse infestation. It is a multi-unit apartment complex composed of rows of between four and six units. The buildings all have common basements that are primarily dirt crawl spaces. We have inspected the exteriors and sealed whatever openings in the foundations and siding we could find. When we are in the basements we notice what appear to be ro...
    Submitted by Jack, MA

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  • Tue May 7 2013

    Twice the Kill

    Is there currently a rat poison available that has no secondary kill?
    Submitted by jerry, CA

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  • Mon May 6 2013

    Eat Poop and Die?

    I put a rodent box with Contrac bait in it near a customer’s chicken pen. They want to know if their chickens were to eat mouse poop, would it harm the chickens and would the eggs be safe to eat?
    Submitted by Steve, SC

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  • Fri May 3 2013

    A Trap In My Trap?

    What is your opinion of the use of glue boards inside multi-catch rodent traps? I see them as being important, especially in warehousing, to monitor insects and spiders. However, I notice more and more companies are not using them at all. Other than some attractants, I don't see a benefit from the boards related to catching mice. Should we use them or lose them?
    Submitted by Pete, IN

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  • Sun Apr 14 2013

    Keep Your Rodent Bait To Yourself

    Another pest control company's technician has put a different rodent bait in my labeled bait station. Could I be held in violation and, if so, who can I contact to have the company put a stop to this practice?
    Submitted by james, NY

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  • Mon Mar 25 2013

    Homemade Rodent Stations

    Please explain using PVC pipes and placing rodenticides in them. Is this method effective?
    Submitted by Jodi

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  • Thu Mar 7 2013

    New Rodent Control Technologies

    Can you provide me with more information about ContraPest? I have heard that this pesticide prevents rats from reproducing?
    Submitted by David A., NY

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