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  • Fri Oct 16 2015

    Scorpion Scented

    I use glue boards in garages and laundry rooms to catch scorpions. Are they attracted to the scented glue boards or are they just passing and get stuck on them? Second question: How do scorpions detect moisture?
    Submitted by Frank, NV

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  • Fri Jul 11 2014

    Silent but Not Deadly

    I know scorpions exist in Arizona and Nevada. Are there scorpions in Florida??
    Submitted by Moises, FL

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  • Mon Jun 30 2014

    Voids Devoid of Scorpions

    What is your best recommendation for a scorpion treatment inside a residence?
    Submitted by andy, AZ

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  • Tue Jan 7 2014

    One Foot Up and Out

    Will a perimeter treatment with Termidor kill scorpions? Also, will Termidor cause any harm to outdoor landscaping?
    Submitted by greg, NV

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  • Mon Oct 14 2013

    Target Your Pest

    I’m dealing with a two bedroom end unit in a complex. The problem is scorpions. We have dusted the unit’s attic, voids and kitchen appliances, sprayed the baseboards and perimeter sprayed with the power spray truck. We have recommended trimming all trees around the unit and blocking off access from the air conditioner with foam. We are using Transport indoors, DeltaDust for appliances and t...
    Submitted by Peter, FL

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  • Tue Oct 1 2013

    Try Something Different, and Not Just a Pesticide

    I was wondering what the best chemicals are for controlling scorpions. I have been using Demand CS for the interior and Permethrin SFR for the exterior. I do have pretty good results but not good enough for some clients.
    Submitted by Dennis, AZ

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  • Mon Apr 29 2013

    Scorpion Proof

    I have a customer who wants their house sealed from scorpions. Is there any literature or method on doing such a thing?
    Submitted by jeff, AZ

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  • Sun Sep 2 2012

    Many Portals?

    There is a debate going on between myself and another pest control company here in the Southwest. He claims and tells his customers that our bark scorpions come up the house drains and this is the reason they find them in sinks and tubs. My belief is they do not and cannot come up the drains from the sewers and the reason people find them in sinks is that they crawl in or fall into them. Please...
    Submitted by susan, NV

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  • Tue Jul 10 2012

    Scorpions - Who's To Blame?

    Friends of ours own a rental property in an area with scorpions. The renter's neighbors filed a formal complaint with the homeowners' association that scorpions are "nesting" in the yard and are responsible for the complainants' problems. First, do scorpions nest? Second, as pest control operators are we legally responsible for any issues that arise from scorpion problems such as medical bills,...
    Submitted by susan, NV

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  • Sun Jul 1 2012

    Scorpions Are Bad House Guests

    Do you have any ideas on how to keep scorpions out of a home that was recently built and has hardly any grass around the home yet, but has lots of sand? I know closing all holes and weather stripping will help a lot, but any other ideas would help.
    Submitted by James, AR

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  • Wed May 30 2012

    Arachnid Relatives

    What is the spider that looks like a scorpion?
    Submitted by robert, AZ

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  • Wed May 23 2012

    False Or Wind - What Kind of Scorpion

    I had a women contact my office the other day stating that she had pseudo-scorpions in her closet. My office is in Northern Ohio (Toledo). Is this possible and what would the treatment be?
    Submitted by Steve, OH

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  • Wed Sep 21 2011

    Scorpions - Predator and Pest

    In your opinion what's the best chemical to combat scorpions?
    Submitted by tony, NV

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  • Sun Sep 11 2011

    A Unwelcome Mat For Scorpions

    I have reviewed most of the questions and answers submitted to you on scorpions and I am on board with all the chemical and non-chemical solutions you suggest. My question is how do scorpions get into homes? I would like to attack our ever-growing problem in Las Vegas by concentrating on entry areas.
    Submitted by susan, NV

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  • Sun Aug 14 2011

    Scorpions - Not Just For Pesticides Anymore

    I have a customer who's seeing Scorpions inside the house. What is your recommendation for control overall, and what products would you recommend to use and where?
    Submitted by michael, GA

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  • Wed Apr 13 2011

    A Bite Worse Than The Bark

    What would be considered the best insecticide prevention for bark scorpions? Thanks.
    Submitted by John, AZ

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  • Sun Sep 26 2010

    Doomsday For Scorpions

    What is the absolute best chemical or chemicals to rid houses of scorpions?
    Submitted by paul, AZ

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  • Tue Aug 10 2010

    Scorpions Can Take the Heat

    Can scorpions live in the attic when the temperature is around 130 degrees?
    Submitted by mike, NV

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  • Wed Feb 24 2010

    Keeping The Sting Out

    Our company services a lot of mountain homes that tend to have a large amount of scorpion pressure due to the environment. Do you think using Talstar granules as a perimeter broadcast treatment would be effective in controlling scorpions, or do you think we should stick to targeted applications?
    Submitted by Stephen, GA

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  • Mon Jan 4 2010

    Pesticides Need No Help

    In the control of scorpions there is a large regional company that guarantees elimination by the chemical means only. There is no talk of exclusion or harborage modification. They claim that a Univ. of Arizona study has given them techniques that allows them to make their claim. I know in the past you have said that by relying solely on chemical solutions the customer will be dissatified. Ple...
    Submitted by susan, NV

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