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  • Thu Mar 31 2016

    The Flea Suite

    What is the best product for fleas in an occupied hotel room?
    Submitted by James, MD

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  • Thu Oct 16 2014

    Get In There!

    Is there a way to treat for fleas in a sub area without crawling it? There are dusts, but what about workers that have to go back under in a few days?
    Submitted by doug, CA

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  • Fri Sep 19 2014

    Horse Fleas

    I am treating a horse barn for fleas where the stalls are used to foster rescue dogs. The stalls are dirt but the center aisle is concrete. What products would you recommend? Would an IGR be helpful and which one? By definition, would you consider this animal housing?
    Submitted by Greg, GA

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  • Thu Oct 24 2013

    Outdoor Flea Market

    What is the best method for controlling fleas in in a dog pen? It’s a very severe infestation!
    Submitted by Jeffrey, GA

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  • Thu Sep 26 2013

    Put Your Clothes Away!

    I am treating a customer's home for fleas. She has several pets, including cats and dogs. The house is fairly tidy, but there are piles of clothes lying about in some areas of the house. Aside from treating the animals for fleas, what are some other things the customer can do to assist me in ridding her home of the fleas? Specifically, what should she do with those piles of clothes?
    Submitted by Jake, WA

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  • Wed Sep 11 2013

    Throwing Shade

    What would be the best outdoor treatment for cat fleas at an apartment complex? Not having control of human or pet traffic is my biggest issue.
    Submitted by Joshua, IN

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  • Thu Jul 25 2013

    The Fleas Aren’t Fleeing!

    Why are the fleas not going away? I’m using Talstar and Precor IGR.
    Submitted by Jason, CA

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  • Fri Jul 12 2013

    An Uninvited Guest and its Guests

    What is the best solution for getting rid of fleas underneath a house? I’ve treated inside and outside, but underneath seems to be my biggest issue.
    Submitted by mitchell, CA

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  • Wed Mar 6 2013

    Fleas As Carry Out

    Fleas in a motel room. The man has used most all of the over the counter products available. When he opened a plastic trash bag with clean clothes in it the flea problem started all over again. Ideas? Doesn't washing and drying clothes get rid of fleas on clothes?
    Submitted by Tena, NM

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  • Tue Feb 5 2013

    Fleas Forever

    I'm a pest control service technician in The Bahamas and I'm having some trouble dealing with Dog Fleas in the dog house of a customer. I am doing a treatment once a week for 4 consecutive weeks, with the final (4th) treatment next week. This is the first time I've run into a situation like this. Any ideas on how I can solve the problem?
    Submitted by Stephanno

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  • Thu Jan 31 2013

    Fleas Relaxing By The Pool

    I have a client who says he has a flea issue in his pool area. With the restrictions that have come down on us we can't treat impervious surfaces. I would imagine you have to treat the whole area for the fleas, but I'm not sure with these new laws the way they are written. So, how would we go about treating this issue?
    Submitted by Steve, FL

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  • Sat Jan 12 2013

    Bugs In The Basement

    I recently treated a basement for fleas. It was unfinished with only concrete for the floor and walls. I treated all the cracks in the floor as well as the floor and sills and used an adulticide with an IGR. How long will the residual last on porous concrete? Is there a better method?
    Submitted by William, MA

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  • Fri Oct 5 2012

    Fleas And Fish

    I have a new customer with a flea problem at a newly aquired live bait shop. The previous owner had a dog living in the shop but no pets are currently present. My concern is the 7 large bait tanks. They are open air and are aerated 24-7 with an on site, indoor electric air pump. One pump aerates all tanks. I treated attached offices and restrooms but am very leary of applying any insecticide di...
    Submitted by Charles, FL

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  • Sat Sep 8 2012

    Fleas In All the Right Places

    When treating for fleas is it alright to spray wood floors?
    Submitted by phil, TN

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  • Tue Aug 21 2012

    Parasites and Products

    What is the industry using for the control of Fleas and ticks.
    Submitted by Ernest, TX

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  • Sat Jun 9 2012

    Fleas Outdoors

    What is the best method and product for exterior flea control?
    Submitted by Randy, SC

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  • Tue May 15 2012

    New Technologies, New Advice

    This may be a crazy question, but if you have a client that has a flea infestation and you want them to do the usual good IPM of vacuuming and tossing the bag, but they tell you they have a Dyson (bagless vaccuum cleaner), what do you tell them?
    Submitted by Steve, FL

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  • Tue Apr 24 2012

    A Flea For All

    I have a CPA firm under contract. Every year about this time we get called out for a huge outbreak of flea adults. Of course they have no pets. Every time we inspect the crawl space it has no evidence of stray animals. The fleas always come up in the bath tub. I recently put a fresh glueboard in the tub and it had over 50 cat fleas. The woman that works close is complaining of getting bit. We h...
    Submitted by ROBIN, NC

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  • Fri Mar 30 2012

    Fleas Without Homes

    Recently I treated a vacant apartment building which had a heavy cat flea infestation. I verified that no animals are nesting nor sneaking into the building. I treated with Precor for an IGR. All units are being (I hope) vacuumed every other day to eliminate food sources for larvae and to stimulate adult fleas to leave the pupal stage. How much time should I allow before the next visit? Tempe...
    Submitted by Thomas, RI

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  • Fri Nov 11 2011

    Lingering Fleas

    We did a treatment for a severe flea and tick problem three days ago. The customer called on the second day after the treatment that he still has a lot of fleas. What is the correct time span before a re-treatment is done?
    Submitted by Noe, TX

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