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  • Thu Apr 21 2011

    Nature Hates A Void

    We have been treating a yard for moles with Talpirid. However, they always return. Is there something better that I should be using, or is this normal? I would like to know more about moles if you could explain about them.
    Submitted by joey, MS

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  • Thu Feb 3 2011

    Moles and Their Holes

    I service the Treasure Coast area of Florida and there has been a huge population surge of moles in the past two years. I plan to start offering this service, but are there any better treatment options other than setting traps and monitoring?
    Submitted by Scott, FL

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  • Mon May 24 2010

    The Pyrethroid Name Game

    Often we are bombarded with information on different synthetic pyrethroid molecules - deltamethrin, permethrin, Lambda-cyhalothrin, etc. Is there one better than the next, or is it the type of formulation that really makes the difference when it comes to residual?
    Submitted by Marcus F., FL

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  • Sun Feb 22 2009

    Moles And Voles Controls

    We operate in Tennessee and service 9 counties. They all have mole and vole problems. I want to try Talpirid, but haven't been able to talk with anyone familiar with it. We know that grub control is the key to mole prevention, and voles aren't as big of a problem. What other info and tips can you offer?
    Submitted by scott, TN

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  • Wed Jan 14 2009

    Collateral Damage?

    I just read the article on earthworms. It didn't mention anything regarding the possibility that lawn treatments affect worm populations. Does treating for mole crickets compromise beneficial insects?
    Submitted by Daniel, TX

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  • Mon Oct 22 2007

    Shoo Fly Shrew

    Three rodent accounts on my route have significant shrew populations. I notice in those places that the Contrac blox have deep narrow grooves in them which look rather distinct from the nibbles of mice, so I suspect the shrews are eating the bait. With their rapid metabolism, what might the effect of the bait be on them? Looking forward to your certain-to-be shrew-d answer.
    Submitted by Ruth M, OR

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  • Sat Sep 29 2007

    Moving Into Moles

    My company does not do mole control but would like to start doing it. What product should we use and why? Thank you Marty Huff
    Submitted by marty, WA

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  • Fri Apr 14 2006

    Digging Deep for a Solution

    What is the best way to treat mole crickets?
    Submitted by Brandy, GA

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  • Fri Apr 15 2005

    A Vole By Any Other Name...

    This question is not about an insect pest but hopefully you can help. Recently, since the snow has melted, I have had numerous calls about residents with mole problems. Upon inspection I determined them to be voles. I am not aware of any baits made for voles and am not sure what steps to pursue to get rid of them for the customers. Any help towards relieving this problem for the customers w...
    Submitted by Andrew, WI

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  • Sun Aug 18 2002

    Evicting Moles

    what is the best way to get rid of ground moles?
    Submitted by Mark, MS

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