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  • Wed Oct 19 2016

    Field Mites

    I have a customer that had a severe field mouse problem. I eliminated the mice, completed a thorough pest proofing of the structure, removed basement insulation where the mice left a lot of droppings, and sanitized the basement sills. The customer is being bitten by house mouse mites. What do you recommend as the best pesticide to help eliminate these mites?
    Submitted by Corey, NY

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  • Mon Aug 29 2016

    No Pests, No Problem

    We have a customer who has hired us two different times to remedy rat mites. The first time, one and a half years ago, they canceled after a few months when the lady said she had no more problems. They came back on service two months ago and she is upset that she is (according to her) still being bitten by rat mites. We have never seen actual specimens of rat mites although we caught quite a...
    Submitted by Ronald, AZ

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  • Mon Jul 18 2016

    It’s Not What but Where

    Is there a fogging product for indoor use that will kill bird mites?
    Submitted by Robbie, CA

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  • Fri Jun 17 2016

    A Rat’s Parting Gift

    What is the best way to manage rat mites inside a residence? Rats have been trapped out and the openings sealed up, but the customers are still receiving bites.
    Submitted by Mikail, CA

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  • Wed Jun 11 2014

    Mite Mitigation

    I have been seeing an influx of spider mites in my area. They are infesting lawns and working their way into houses. The regular pesticide I use (bifenthrin) doesn’t seem to be working. I check all the plants inside and outside of the house and treat once or twice, but the spider mites still come back within a week. Any suggestions?
    Submitted by Nathan, WA

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  • Thu May 29 2014

    Moss is Yummy, Too

    I work at a university and coming from the roof of one of the buildings seems to be clover mites, which are appearing on a desk in a reception area under a skylight. These mites are visible on the roof, which has stones and is 60 feet up. Some clover mites are appearing at ground level of the building, but, for the life of me, I can't figure out why these mites keep appearing on the roof!
    Submitted by George, MD

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  • Thu May 1 2014

    Red Clover Don’t Come Over

    I have a customer that has a problem with clover mites infesting her house. We treat the house regularly and have tried a variety of products from dusts and granules to several liquid and aerosol products as well. She has no problem with any other pests but these mites do not seem to be controlled by this at all. Some of them are just coming though the weep holes, cracks in her windows and, ...
    Submitted by Travis, UT

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  • Thu Feb 20 2014

    Seven-Year Itch

    What is used and how to treat scabies?
    Submitted by Marco A, CA

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  • Wed Dec 4 2013

    The Right Mites

    I have a situation that I haven’t encountered in 35 years of pest management experience. I have a location that has a mite problem in just one small cooler in a diary. The problem was first noticed about two months ago, around the same time every year when this facility has large numbers of cluster flies. The area with the mite activity is immediately adjacent to a storage area that has a ve...
    Submitted by Mike, ME

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  • Fri Nov 15 2013

    Yummy Cheese Mites

    Hello again! I sent you and e-mail one year ago about my friend with cheese mites. I was able to treat them with a little cooperation from them for better control at that time. Now it’s a year later and she’s getting them again. What else can I use that will work better for total elimination? They’ve lived there 10 years and have had the cheese mite problem three years today (third year in...
    Submitted by chucky, NY

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  • Wed Oct 23 2013

    They’ll Take What They Can Get

    Can a small dog host rat mites?
    Submitted by Greg, FL

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  • Wed Jul 3 2013

    Don’t Treat What You Can’t See

    I was at a home where the customer believes he has bird mites. I couldn’t find anything and I’ve never treated for these before. What are some good products and ways to treat for bird mites?
    Submitted by mike, KY

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  • Tue Jun 11 2013

    Mighty Mites 2

    In a past post, you say not to offer pest control for scabies mites...and then say to put out monitors to identify what's there. So, if scabies mites have been identified, would pest service help diminish the mite population while the customer was working on other sanitation to eliminate the threat?
    Submitted by Ray, OK

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  • Fri Jun 7 2013

    Mighty Mites

    Can mites bite a human and what treatment do you recommend to get rid of them in a home? I do not know the source of the mites.
    Submitted by Regina, FL

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  • Wed Nov 28 2012

    Mites And Moisture

    A friend of mine has cheese/flour mites in his kitchen lower cabinets, as well as silverfish throughout the house. I've read that temperature and moisture are contributing factors. I have never dealt with cheese or flour mites. Do you have any recommendations for any control methods?
    Submitted by chucky, NY

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  • Sun Aug 5 2012

    They Really Need the Bird

    I need a product for elimination of bird mites in a house and crawl space.
    Submitted by John, TN

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  • Mon Jul 9 2012

    Scabies Is Misunderstood

    During a Bedbug treatment without knowing it I was exposed to itch mites (Scabies). What would be the best protocol to protect myself during and after a bedbug treatment? Also, some background on the itch mite.
    Submitted by Larry, NY

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  • Mon Mar 12 2012

    Are Doctors Entomologists?

    I was contacted today by a PMP asking if I've heard of a Dirt Mite and if so how to treat them. I suggested he collect a sample of the bug to properly identify what he's needing to treat, however his customer's doctor diagnosed the problem as Dirt Mites. Do Dirt Mites exist and if so what is the best method for treatment?
    Submitted by Connie, MO

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  • Sun Dec 11 2011

    A Reason To Scratch

    The school nurse asked us if the mattress needs to be changed in order to control chiggers. What are chiggers and how do we control them? Are they public health concerns regarding transmitting diseases?
    Submitted by Iris, VA

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  • Sat Nov 26 2011

    Scabies and the PMP

    Should a pest control professional treat a house or car for scabies?
    Submitted by DAVID, LA

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