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  • Tue Jun 28 2016

    Oversummering Pests

    What is the best way to manage an infestation of elm seed bugs around the exterior of a house? They are both on the ground and all over the siding.
    Submitted by Geary, OR

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  • Thu Jun 6 2013

    What’s Kissing You?

    What’s the most effective product for treatment of kissing bugs?
    Submitted by Jerry, AZ

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  • Wed Feb 13 2013

    It Still Just Stinks

    Over the past year more and more of my customers have been complaining about stink bugs getting in their houses. What course of treatment would you recommend?
    Submitted by Richard, OH

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  • Mon Jul 30 2012

    Whitefly Management

    I would like to know the best way to control whiteflies.
    Submitted by randall, CA

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  • Sat Jan 7 2012

    The BMSB Strikes Again

    I have a situation where a large 1-story office building is experiencing Brown Marmorated Stink bugs coming down from the suspended ceiling. This is a building with central HVAC system. Workers leave in the late afternoon. Any suggestions for treatment? Here in Maine these guys are pretty new. Thanks.
    Submitted by tim, ME

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  • Wed Oct 26 2011

    The Lady or The Tiger?

    You suggested fogging a wall void to kill BMSBs in a structure. Won't this cause a problem with dermestid beetles feeding on the carcasses, and wouldn't that be an even bigger problem than the stink bugs?
    Submitted by brian, VA

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  • Mon Oct 24 2011

    Keep The Stink Outside

    How we can provide a stink bug treatment on exterior and interior areas?
    Submitted by favio, NJ

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  • Fri Sep 23 2011

    Gumbo Limbo Is In Limbo

    How do you deal with the Spiraling Whiteflies that are attacking the Gumbo Limbo trees?
    Submitted by Alex, FL

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  • Wed Jul 28 2010

    The Big, The Bad, The Beneficial

    How do I treat cicada killer wasps' holes, and with what? There are 20+ holes and the wasps are flying all around.
    Submitted by Andre, MD

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  • Sat Feb 13 2010

    Bugs On Food Trees

    Are there products labeled to be used to treat ants and aphids in citrus grown at a residence (for private use only) in California? Are there any labels which contain imidacloprid that can be used in such a scenario? I do have a QAL, but have always turned away treating all edibles. It has always seemed too dicey.
    Submitted by Venala, CA

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  • Sat May 16 2009

    Does Big Mean Dangerous?

    I have a customer in Jackson N.J. who has horses on her property, in a very large fenced-in area. The ground is sandy dirt with spotty grass, and it is over-run with Cicada killers. The owners would like them gone, keeping in mind the horses eat the grass and cannot be removed (nowhere to put them). How should we proceed? Thank You - Chester
    Submitted by Chester, NJ

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  • Sat May 9 2009

    It's A Girl!!

    As I was doing some research on solitary wasps, a question popped up in my brain after reading about cicada killer. The amount of food the adult female catches for her young depends on the gender of the egg. For a female it could be two or three cicadas. For a male it is usually one cicada. Now, my question is does the adult female know what it will be before, or after the egg is laid? Thanks ...
    Submitted by Leonard, FL

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  • Fri Aug 1 2008

    Big, Frightening, and Beneficial

    I have a client with a recurring cicada wasp problem. We tried soaking the grounds with a pyrethroid proir to their normal arrival and this year seems even worse than the past two seasons. None of the neighboring homes has a problem. The home owner is ready to bring in a bulldozer. Any thoughts as to why his is the only property? His lawn is very well established. Also, we have tried dusting wh...
    Submitted by john, NJ

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  • Thu Jul 10 2008

    Gray, Jumpy, and With a Coat and Tails

    I'm having a hard time making an ID of a leaf bug in a garden. It is a brown / grayish colored bug with white cilia on the hind end. This bug is extremely small, about the size of an aphid. It jumps and appears to fly with very small wings. It also appears to leave silk on the leaves. It stays on the steams and leaves but not on the flower of the Hibiscus plant. No apparent damage to the plan...
    Submitted by Kathryn, VA

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  • Mon May 26 2008

    Munch, Munch In The Garden

    What are the positive and negative sides for the use of lady bugs in a garden as a biological control of aphids?
    Submitted by Kathryn, VA

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  • Fri Jan 18 2008

    Tipping The Scales

    I have a question about Cottony Cushion Scale and Mealy Scale on Sago Palms... Also Wax Scale on Hollies???? Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Submitted by Jennifer, FL

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  • Sat Jan 5 2008

    Honeydew Is Not A Sweet Situation

    What’s a good way to get rid of aphids outside on trees?
    Submitted by Ronald, OK

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  • Mon May 28 2007

    Dragnet For The Roses

    I want to know if I can use Dragnet on my rose bushes to get rid of aphids, or will the it harm the plants? The aphids I have are the little tiny green ones. I have been useing Bifen I/T at .06% to stop them, but they seem to have become immune. It is important to me that I get rid of these pests from my rose bushes without harming the bushes. Thank you for any help.
    Submitted by Richard W., TN

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  • Thu May 4 2006

    Blast Those Boxelders!

    What is your take on the most effective treatment for boxelder bugs once on the siding of homes?
    Submitted by Darren, UT

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  • Wed Jul 6 2005

    Getting Under the Problem

    What systemic chemicals are available from Univar? I have a hotel with a lot of problems with scales. Is there any info that I can present to my customer who is very skeptical of systemic chemicals. What is the best? I want to solve the problem since the rooms will be mine if I get good results. thanks
    Submitted by Wayne

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