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  • Thu Dec 15 2016

    Stick with the Best

    I have a customer who has pre-finished reclaimed oak flooring that comes in panels like laminate flooring. The floors where installed about two years ago. They are they are seeing small 1/8-inch circular holes in several spots that have little piles of fine dust being pushed out. I'm pretty sure they are being caused by true powderpost beetles. I was able to find and remove one adult beetle...
    Submitted by Travis, WA

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  • Thu Sep 11 2014

    Hole in the Wall

    I visited the home of a potential customer this morning and, as I was doing my preliminary inspection, the owner of the home asked me to take a look at something in his kitchen. He got his flashlight and shined it on the wall revealing a small cluster of two or three needle-sized holes going through the drywall. He then showed me a couple of other places throughout his home with similar holes...
    Submitted by Kevin, CA

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  • Mon Dec 2 2013

    Mold and Mildew - Two Fun Guys

    What is the safest way to kill mold and mildew?
    Submitted by James, FL

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  • Mon Jun 10 2013

    Tracking Lyctines Back in Time

    I have a customer that recently purchased new cabinets from a big-box home improvement store to install in his kitchen. Now powderpost beetles are emerging from the bottom of the drawers. They have been duly identified as Lyctine beetles. The bottom is composed of hardwood plywood veneer. They are only emerging from one drawer, but there are 20+ holes and beetles. Where would these have be...
    Submitted by Tim, WA

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  • Mon Jun 3 2013

    Knock on Metal

    I have a customer that is having an issue with woodpeckers pecking and damaging her wood columns. My thought was to treat the columns for whatever the woodpecker is going after in there, but they are already finished with a sealer. What would be the best mode of action in this situation?
    Submitted by Clayton, NM

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  • Thu Feb 7 2013

    Identifying The Enemy

    I'm having trouble distinguishing between wood infested with termites or carpenter ants or wood decay fungus. I'm new to pest control and would like to hear what you could tell me on this?
    Submitted by mike, KY

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  • Mon Nov 19 2012

    Bugs In The Fireplace

    I just found hundreds of little holes and really soft sawdust/frass in the firewood of my client. It's not carpenter ants. I took some pictures to show you. Can you help me identify this insect?
    Submitted by Mathieu, ON

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  • Wed Nov 7 2012

    Zounds, The Sounds!

    Is there a bug that sounds like a tiny jackhammer inside a wall? I've checked for vibrations from plumbing and electrical wiring. HELP PLEASE!
    Submitted by Hildred, GA

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  • Wed Jul 11 2012

    Have Carpenter Bees, Will Burrow

    I have a customer that has a new log home but is having trouble with carpenter bees. Is there any kind of preventive pest control for a log home?
    Submitted by Richard, PA

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  • Sat Jun 30 2012

    Wood They Live In Furniture?

    What is the best treatment for wooden furniture when infested with pine bark beetles or plain bark beetles?
    Submitted by Julie, AZ

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  • Mon Jun 4 2012

    Wharf Borer Wars

    I am an exterminator in NY and service a bar/restaurant that each spring has a problem with wharf borers. They are not present in large numbers but they do resemble German roaches so each one is a problem. The place is over a large unfinished basement that is always wet or at least damp, although the floor beams of the restaurant are high enough to stay dry. The literature is a little sparse on...
    Submitted by Richard, NY

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  • Fri Jun 1 2012

    Frass In Many Forms

    Yesterday I inspected a log home and found this very fine frass everywhere falling from the ceiling and hanging from spiders' webs. A lot of acrobat ants were present in trails in several areas in the home as well. Inspecting the structure also showed what looked like evidence of ambrosia beetle damage with the blue to black staining on the wood on walls and cross beams. My question is, could t...
    Submitted by Joseph, KY

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  • Fri Apr 27 2012

    New Door, Old Problem?

    I had an inspection of an apartment that had new wood doors installed. The client has complained that the doors have some type of wood termite, and we detected that the doors have holes the size of a pen tip. The manufacturer indicated that the inside of the doors might have an infestation of a wood boring insect. If you can send me information as to the type of termite we might be dealing with...
    Submitted by Luis, FL

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  • Fri Mar 23 2012

    Carpenter Bees - They Dig It!

    I have a customer with a severe problem with carpenter bees, this year more than tripled over last years, and I need some help. I have replaced and painted trim boards.
    Submitted by Vernon, GA

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  • Tue Jan 24 2012

    Beetles Above Us

    What would be the best product to use on powder post beetles that are in the living area on the ceiling? The ceiling is tongue and groove boards that look like they were sealed years ago.
    Submitted by Darren, AL

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  • Thu Jan 19 2012

    Getting To The Problem

    What is the best aerosol product Univar sells for wood borers that are inside antique furniture?
    Submitted by Roger, NM

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  • Sun Nov 20 2011

    Troubles With Tribbles?

    I have a client who claims that they have gribbles, which are wood eating crustaceans, Genus: Limnoria or L. lignorum, (according to their research on the internet). I have not been to the site to identify it. My questions is, is this pest indigenous to Malibu, CA, and if so how do I treat it?
    Submitted by Denise, CA

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  • Sat Oct 29 2011

    Big Logs, Little Holes

    I have a log home that has some sort of reinfesting beetle. The exit holes are 1/16th inch in diameter and round, and appear for the most part on the exterior in various places on all sides of the home. This problem has gone on for several years. The house has a stain finish on the outside and a urethane finish on the inside. It seems that with both sides of the wood having a finish the beetles...
    Submitted by mark, NH

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  • Thu Feb 24 2011

    Borates Battles

    As a pre-treatment, which of these chemicals is the best one considering the effectiveness and cost per 1 gal of diluted product, Bora-Care vs Tim-Bor?
    Submitted by carlos, CA

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  • Fri Jan 14 2011

    Different Kinds of Wood Fungi

    Submitted by JAMES, CA

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