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  • Tue Jan 13 2015

    Booklice Squatters

    What is the best way to get rid of Book Lice. They are all over, in the cabinets, walls, Equipment that they use for radiation to patients and also all over the floor. It looks like they brought them in some boxes that they have on the floor.
    Submitted by Carlos, FL

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  • Tue Sep 20 2011

    Book Louse 'Em Danno

    A tenant on the 2nd floor of an apartment bldg has what appears to be psocids in their kitchen - on the counter top, floor, under the sink. I treated once with Cy-Kick inside and Temprid on exterior foundation and windows. Ten days later I treated with Temprid inside. A week later they called the manager and still see them. Any suggestions?
    Submitted by David, OR

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  • Fri Jun 25 2010

    There Are Psocids and There Are Psocids

    What kind of pesticide can be used on a bark louse or book lice? Is there something that can be done to eliminate them?
    Submitted by enrique, TX

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  • Mon Apr 7 2008

    The P Is Silent

    I'm treating a home that has a humidity problem and a very large Psocids infestation in the master bedroom. What's the right treatment for this situation?
    Submitted by Marcus F., FL

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  • Thu Mar 13 2008

    Book (Louse) 'Em Danno

    I sprayed a 5th wheel mobile home and after a couple of weeks got called back. I found psocids in their two upper food cabinets, went below and sprayed, and then sprayed in the corners of cabinets, etc. I then read about them in Mallis, where they talk about humidity and keeping things dry, but the cabinets are dry. We'll address the humidity but do you have any other help. Thank you Joe - Fl...
    Submitted by Joseph, FL

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  • Sun Jun 11 2006

    Blocking Bugs in Sensitive Places

    I am treating a manufacturing plant that has a clean room. They manufacture forceps for the medical industry. The plant is located in Costa Rica, Central America. We started having some problems with a a tiny jumping bug. We collected several adults to identify them, and the result I got is that they are some kind of psocid. The rainy season has just started and the humidity level in the area i...
    Submitted by Guillermo, FL

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  • Wed Sep 7 2005

    Moisture Lovers Are Tenacious

    I've seen an increase in the number of complaints about psocids & springtails this year. The resource materials that I have do not really address their control as well as the common pests. Several food plants that I service, along with numerous home owners, have had outbreaks of these pests. Knowing moisture is needed for their survival and the fact that these food plants are hosing the plants ...
    Submitted by Randy, OH

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