• Mon Jan 20 2014

    What’s it Worth?

    I'm getting ready to add pest control services to my termite company. One problem – I’m not sure what or how to charge for these services. I know you can’t do that either, but maybe you can shed some light on this for me?.
    Submitted by steve, CA

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  • Mon Nov 18 2013

    Man with a Van

    Is it legal to transport pesticides in the back of a van or station wagon? If so, does it need to be in an airtight box in the back?
    Submitted by Robert, CA

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  • Sat Apr 13 2013

    Off To A Good Start

    I am new at the business and in a semi-small town. Any advice on getting customers? Advertising? Or do you think pounding on doors is better?
    Submitted by Clayton, NM

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  • Wed Mar 20 2013

    Spread The Word

    What's the most effective way to market your pest control service?
    Submitted by Todd, NJ

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  • Thu Jul 12 2012

    The Path to Professionalism

    In your opinion, what is the difference between a pest control technician and a "spray jockey" or a "Dale Gribble" type besides the official stuff like training and accreditation.
    Submitted by Aaron, TN

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  • Sun Jan 29 2012

    Prices and Flexibility

    I want to have a set price for carpenter ant work and sell them over the phone to potential customers. I am just wondering if it is necessary to do an inspection first. I am afraid if I sell them over the phone I might be in violation of some state law. Can you find out?
    Submitted by jerry, AZ

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  • Mon Jul 6 2009

    Long Tail, Big Wasp, No Sting

    Wood wasp problems - is fumigation the answer for an impatient customer, or do I insist that we let nature take it's course?
    Submitted by Brian, AZ

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  • Thu May 14 2009

    And In The Beginning.....

    I have looked in many books and on the internet and I can't seem to find out who is considered the "Father of Pest Control" or even the "Father of Entomology" Would you know? Thanks!
    Submitted by Bernard F, NY

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  • Tue May 22 2007

    Chemicals Are Not Always The Answer

    Not a question, but just a comment. Thank you for mentioning the most important (okay, the 2nd most important) tool for killing cockroaches in reference to It's A Mall World. That would be KNEEPADS. And obviously, the most important tool is a great flashlight.
    Submitted by John, OH

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