• Wed Mar 25 2015

    Water It Down

    How can I manage American cockroaches coming out of sinks and floor drains in a medical building?
    Submitted by Aussie, CA

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  • Mon Feb 16 2015

    Overcoming Grease

    I have German roaches nesting in a greasy cabinet. I have used Advion roach bait, Delta dust, Temprid sc, Larva lure. I'm at a lost at this point.
    Submitted by Jack, NM

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  • Wed Dec 10 2014

    Know Your Limits

    We are seeing Asian cockroaches in different buildings that we service. I have read up on what to do, but do we now have an effective product with which to treat?
    Submitted by Lynn, SC

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  • Wed Nov 19 2014

    Go Big and Go Home

    We have not been successful at eliminating roaches with fogging and residual spraying, even with large-scale prep and treating adjacent units. What is your take on baiting programs and what can you recommend that has been tried and is successful?
    Submitted by Melodi, CA

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  • Mon Oct 6 2014

    Slow and Steady Wins the Race

    What’s the best way treat quickly for roach infestations?
    Submitted by Andy, TX

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  • Tue Sep 9 2014

    Blattella Brothers

    We live in western Pennsylvania and are having problems with German cockroaches coming from the outside in large numbers at subsidized units (they’re mostly duplexes). The pest identification was confirmed. We are seeing all stages on insect monitors placed outside along an edge (where the siding meets the brick) around the unit. The direction of the roaches is coming from the outside. It’s alm...
    Submitted by Tiffany, PA

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  • Fri Mar 28 2014

    Buggy Buggies

    What diseases do roaches carry?
    Submitted by CHRISTOPHER, CA

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  • Thu Jan 9 2014

    All in Good Time

    If everything is treated appropriately, how long should it take to get full control of a bad German cockroach infestation?
    Submitted by mike, KY

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  • Mon Jan 6 2014

    Poop Where They Eat

    Will first and second instar German cockroaches consume baits or will they avoid them if there is abundant fecal material to consume?
    Submitted by Gary, FL

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  • Tue Dec 3 2013

    Pray It's a Floor Drain

    I have a client that has a steam room for soil sample testing. It's always damp all over and never dries. The room has lots of American roaches. How can I treat this room and keep it safe for all the workers that come in and out?
    Submitted by Dan, UT

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  • Fri Nov 22 2013

    Frequent Traveler Miles

    How far does a German cockroach travel from its harborage?
    Submitted by Stacy, AL

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  • Tue Nov 5 2013

    Coming Up Dry

    I have a two-story commercial building that keeps having an American roach problem. I found a drain on the first floor that was open, so I asked them to cap it. It seemed to help, but the problem persists. I have sprayed with Suspend and baited with Larva-Lur, which also has helped, but I still seem to have a lot of roaches in my glue traps. Every time I go to retreat on a monthly basis, th...
    Submitted by Thomas, CA

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  • Fri Oct 18 2013

    Running of the Roaches

    I actually have two questions. First, I have been working on a renovated home that has a German roach infestation. What is the quickest way to get a control of the matter? There is no food for them, but they will not go away. Second, I have a home that I have been treating that is getting wood roaches (American roaches) in their attic. I started to treat in there and now they are comin...
    Submitted by Shad, CA

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  • Fri Sep 20 2013

    Dust Can Beat Water

    Upon inspecting a school cafeteria, I located a major infestation of American roaches down one floor drain, but they were using adjoining lines to other floor drains as a highway. There was plenty of food build up in the drains and we cleaned out what we had access to. I felt they needed some type of chemical treatment besides drain cleaner. Due to the location and that the floor is washed o...
    Submitted by stan, AL

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  • Wed Sep 4 2013

    Yum! Leftovers from Months Ago!

    What is the lifespan of a cockroach bait gel when it is placed in an area? Is it active as long as it is moist?
    Submitted by Jodi

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  • Tue Sep 3 2013

    Worker’s Comp for Roach Bite?

    We have an employee at an office building claiming that she has a bite from an American cockroach. This person put in for workers comp! Is it possible for an American roach to bite a human? And if they can bite, what problems could come from that? Is there any information I can reference for the customer?
    Submitted by David, CA

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  • Wed Aug 21 2013

    Unidentical Twins

    Can Asian cockroaches live inside for long periods of time? Do they stay inside all the time when they get inside a home and infest it or do they travel back and forth from the outside?
    Submitted by Robert, GA

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  • Fri Aug 2 2013

    Welcome to Florida!

    I have a situation with an infestation of palmetto roaches. The house has a flat roof which is where I think they are. I have sprayed inside and out including eves and a foot up from the ground and the perimeter of house. I’ve also used granular bait around the outside. I have been back twice in two weeks. The lawn and shrubs are cleaned up. Do you have any suggestions?
    Submitted by Tammy, FL

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  • Fri Jul 19 2013

    Don’t Let ‘Em Get Away!

    I treated for German roaches in a two story apartment building with a bifenthrin product along with an IGR. I got most of the roaches, but some got away as the infestation was really bad. I’ve never seen that many at any job. Do you have any ideas that will help get rid of the ones that got a way? I planned on using baits next, but it seems that some of the other apartments now have a few m...
    Submitted by Alan, FL

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  • Mon Jun 17 2013

    It's Not the Fumes

    A customer’s question was "Why, after an area is treated with a residual insecticide, do they still see German cockroaches present?”. Bear in mind that the area which was treated was underneath a stove that was dirty. The customer believes that German cockroaches die from the fumes of the residual insecticide. Is this true?
    Submitted by Jodi

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