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  • Mon Apr 11 2016

    German Coffee

    I have several coffee shop accounts and some have German cockroaches inside the coffee machines that are coming from other food stores. I have applied Maxforce gel with hydramethylnon, Maxforce Impact and Advion cockroach gel and the problem continues. I am thinking of applying diatomaceous earth or an aerosol like CB-80 after asking for some good cleaning to reduce the food and water sources...
    Submitted by Dennis, FL

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  • Thu Dec 31 2015

    Brown-Bandeds Go Everywhere

    I have an apartment with German cockroaches that I’ve treated many times where sanitation is not a problem. When I check back, she tells me she is seeing them in the living room and bedrooms. I have left sticky traps to monitor and only ever have evidence that they are in the kitchen. Finally, the other day I saw one running the walls in the living room. I am using Maxforce and Arilon. I'm ...
    Submitted by Trudy, MN

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  • Thu Dec 3 2015

    All They Can Eat

    Do smoky brown and American cockroaches eat live plants?
    Submitted by Wayne, GA

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  • Fri Oct 2 2015

    Unintentional Bites

    Do cockroaches bite people?
    Submitted by Jodi

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  • Mon Sep 28 2015

    Out With the Trashwater

    We have a 20-story condo building on the ocean. It has seven towers with two units on each floor. Each unit has a trash chute in the kitchen running to a trash room in the ground level of the parking garage (seven trash rooms total). American cockroaches are the reason we were hired and we’re having trouble getting a handle on them. They must wash down the trash rooms several times a week. ...
    Submitted by Scott, FL

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  • Fri Sep 4 2015

    The Cabinets Aren't Bare

    How much time before a person is able to put items back after applying gel bait for cockroaches inside kitchen cabinets – next day, 2 days? Is it necessary to empty all of the cabinet?
    Submitted by Eliseo, CA

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  • Thu Aug 13 2015

    German Specialist

    What equipment would you suggest for someone wanting to specialize in German cockroach management? Is wall injection necessary?
    Submitted by James R, AZ

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  • Mon Jul 27 2015


    I'm having a problem with German cockroaches in a restaurant I’ve serviced since April 2014. It’s in a shopping plaza connected to a nail salon, bakery and another restaurant (I haven't talked to any of them yet). It’s not a dirty restaurant although they do have table legs, pipes behind the cookline and a grease trap that could be cleaned. The restaurant was fumigated for termites about six...
    Submitted by Tammy, FL

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  • Mon Jul 20 2015

    Failure to Find

    Blankety blank® used to work very well on German cockroaches. This is no longer the case. The majority of roaches that are sprayed are slowed down but there is very little long-term control. Did they change the formula?
    Submitted by david, FL

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  • Thu Jun 11 2015

    More Than Nosey Neighbors

    I live in an apartment with three apartments around me. I have German cockroaches. I applied gel bait and they went away for a while but then came back. As much as I keep the home clean, we still get them. I do believe that it is due to my neighbors being dirty. Can I keep them out of my home for good or for longer than two months?
    Submitted by christopher, CA

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  • Wed Mar 25 2015

    Water It Down

    How can I manage American cockroaches coming out of sinks and floor drains in a medical building?
    Submitted by Aussie, CA

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  • Mon Feb 16 2015

    Overcoming Grease

    I have German roaches nesting in a greasy cabinet. I have used Advion roach bait, Delta dust, Temprid sc, Larva lure. I'm at a lost at this point.
    Submitted by Jack, NM

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  • Wed Dec 10 2014

    Know Your Limits

    We are seeing Asian cockroaches in different buildings that we service. I have read up on what to do, but do we now have an effective product with which to treat?
    Submitted by Lynn, SC

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  • Wed Nov 19 2014

    Go Big and Go Home

    We have not been successful at eliminating roaches with fogging and residual spraying, even with large-scale prep and treating adjacent units. What is your take on baiting programs and what can you recommend that has been tried and is successful?
    Submitted by Melodi, CA

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  • Mon Oct 6 2014

    Slow and Steady Wins the Race

    What’s the best way treat quickly for roach infestations?
    Submitted by Andy, TX

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  • Tue Sep 9 2014

    Blattella Brothers

    We live in western Pennsylvania and are having problems with German cockroaches coming from the outside in large numbers at subsidized units (they’re mostly duplexes). The pest identification was confirmed. We are seeing all stages on insect monitors placed outside along an edge (where the siding meets the brick) around the unit. The direction of the roaches is coming from the outside. It’s alm...
    Submitted by Tiffany, PA

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  • Fri Mar 28 2014

    Buggy Buggies

    What diseases do roaches carry?
    Submitted by CHRISTOPHER, CA

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  • Thu Jan 9 2014

    All in Good Time

    If everything is treated appropriately, how long should it take to get full control of a bad German cockroach infestation?
    Submitted by mike, KY

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  • Mon Jan 6 2014

    Poop Where They Eat

    Will first and second instar German cockroaches consume baits or will they avoid them if there is abundant fecal material to consume?
    Submitted by Gary, FL

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  • Tue Dec 3 2013

    Pray It's a Floor Drain

    I have a client that has a steam room for soil sample testing. It's always damp all over and never dries. The room has lots of American roaches. How can I treat this room and keep it safe for all the workers that come in and out?
    Submitted by Dan, UT

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