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  • Wed Mar 9 2016

    Brown Dog Tick, Tick…Boom!

    What is the best procedure for tick infestations? Is it necessary to spray yards? What is the most effective product?
    Submitted by James R, AZ

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  • Sat May 5 2012

    Just Don't Have The Legs For It

    Do ticks jump?
    Submitted by MARC, NJ

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  • Fri Feb 17 2012

    So Many Hiding Places, So Little Time

    Any suggestions on treating a "true" log cabin home for ticks? There is no drywall or paneling on the interior. Thanks
    Submitted by Clement, FL

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  • Fri Feb 10 2012

    One Route For Lyme

    I read with interest the armadillo connection to leprosy. I have been curious about eating deer meat that may be infected with Lyme disease. Every deer I've ever seen killed is loaded with ticks. I've never tried to take a specimen to know exactly what kinds of ticks are more prevalent, but as many as they carry I wonder what percent of the population is likely to have the disease. Can they car...
    Submitted by Chad, GA

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  • Sat Dec 31 2011

    Do You Hear A Ticking?

    I am in Arizona and found a few ticks on my two dogs. One was gray and fat and the other three were clustered together and were small with a brown/blackish color. My other dog had a cluster of something (either a scab or maybe eggs) by its ear with red skin irritation. My question is can ticks lay eggs somewhere on the dog's body too? I know they can lay them in the house, but I want to be sure...
    Submitted by Arthur T., AZ

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  • Fri Jul 15 2011

    Ticks And Lumps

    I recently went to Arkansas and while there I picked up a c-tick (that's what they call it). I seem to have brought it home and it was embedded in my side. I used tweezers to remove it but now there's a hard lump there. Should I have that looked at? I feel fine, but it does annoy me.
    Submitted by Linda, CA

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  • Sun Jun 26 2011

    Talstar Is Ticking

    How long of a residual does Talstar have when used to control ticks? Are ticks affected by the chemical if they are questing in tall grass?
    Submitted by Brian, NY

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  • Fri Feb 11 2011

    Bugs That Live Up To Their Name

    I am having a real bad problem with stickbugs. I realize they come in with firewood, so I have brought it in piece by piece to burn. I have a very large home, and know they are over wintering. In the fall, the house was covered. We are ripping out 2 bathrooms to redo and it seems they have worked their way through the whole house, the insulation (you can smell them) etc. The year before it was...
    Submitted by Patrice, NJ

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  • Wed Oct 13 2010

    Ticks And Renters

    I'm having a problem with ticks in an apartment, where the tenant is sloppy and has a lot of issues going on. What do you suggest, and how to go about a safe treatment?
    Submitted by mike, NY

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  • Mon Sep 27 2010

    Ticks - Now and Forever

    I have a customer with tick issues inside and out. On the inside of the home they have stained concrete with no carpet which is a plus. However due to remodeling they seem to have quite a few cracks and crevices around the baseboard areas of the home. The laundry room, where they have kept the dogs in the past ,seems to be the main problem area of the home. I've treated multiple times with the ...
    Submitted by james, AZ

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  • Fri Sep 17 2010

    Not A Nervous Tick

    I have a problem account with brown dog ticks inside a dwelling. I have followed all instructions on control, but I am still having problems. Any suggestions? .
    Submitted by william, GA

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  • Tue Jun 1 2010

    A Ticking Problem

    We have a home where ticks are all over the outside yard. What do you think is the best way to treat and with what?
    Submitted by john, GA

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  • Sun Mar 28 2010

    The Time It Takes For Ticks

    Ticks are very hard to control if the situation gets out of hand, right? Should we tell the customer that we will not accept any control program that isn't at least one year long? Or, do you think there's a way to end the problem in a shorter time?
    Submitted by Marcus F., FL

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  • Fri Mar 5 2010

    And The Bite Goes On

    I have a customer in a condo unit on the 11th floor who has had previous companies treat her home for a "mysterious insect". She believes there are tiny insects biting her only at her computer desk area. No signs of bed bugs, fleas, or ticks, but during my inspection of her 300 sq ft home I found a few plants with springtails. These plants were immediately moved to a permanent exterior area. Th...
    Submitted by Grady Dwain, FL

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  • Fri Oct 9 2009

    The Fleas Won't Flee

    In your experience, how can I perform a fumigation against ticks and fleas. We were using Suspend in combination with Exciter in the same solution, and for the dog Amitraz, but after 2 treatments still get problems. Could you help me with this matter?
    Submitted by giovanna

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  • Mon Aug 24 2009

    Ticks Around The Home

    What is the best way to control brown dog ticks on the exterior, and the ideal time of day to do this work?
    Submitted by Pete, TX

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  • Sun Aug 16 2009

    Blood Feeders At Night

    How do you treat a tick infestation at a camp ground cabin where kids spent a few hours in there before noticing the ticks? They were in their sleeping bags and blankets when they noticed them.
    Submitted by Cristobal, CA

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  • Mon May 4 2009

    Do You Prefer Your Ticks Hard Or Soft?

    Taking into consideration the differences between hard and soft ticks, what is the main difference in feeding between male and female ticks among all genera?
    Submitted by Marcus F., FL

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  • Tue Jul 1 2008

    Birds, Dogs, and Ticks......Oh My!

    What would be the best way to treat ticks on dogs, and could birds (doves or pigeons) be the host of these ticks normally found on dogs? Thanks Jodi - JA
    Submitted by Jodi

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  • Fri Apr 25 2008

    A Feast Enjoyed By All

    We are having a fly problem in an establishment we service in The Bahamas. The property has an outside bar/restaurant, and when cooking a lot of seafood(especially lobster) and breakfast foods, (especially bacon) the flies just swarm. There is not a lot of foliage around the this area and the major garbage area is far away. Apart from screening in the cooking area what treatment would you recom...
    Submitted by Demettriss

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