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  • Wed Mar 21 2012

    The Chirp Is Not For Everyone

    I have a house with a cricket problem. We have treated the exterior perimeter twice with 2 different products and they are still seeing them inside. He had a light right inside his front door that they were getting in. I looked outside on his front porch and found a pretty large gap between the brick and the soffit above the porch. I told him to seal that up because I wondered if they were clim...
    Submitted by Travis, UT

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  • Fri Sep 30 2011

    Singing On The Second Floor

    We service a large bank building in a downtown area where they are having crickets on the second floor of the facility. We are proposing a power spray with permethrin around the perimeter followed with permethrin-bifen granules. Is there a better treatment and how in the world are they getting to the second floor? The building has a LOT of shrubs, azaleas, holly and ground cover around the outs...
    Submitted by Pat, TX

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  • Mon Aug 15 2011

    The Crickets But Not The Dog

    Is there any Mole Cricket bait or insecticide that could be used on a lawn without poisoning my dog that uses that lawn for his bathroom?
    Submitted by ed, NJ

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  • Tue Apr 19 2011

    Child of the Earth

    How do control Jerusalem Crickets around a home?
    Submitted by Jerome, CA

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  • Fri Mar 25 2011

    Kill Them, and Now Kill Them Again

    I have a restaurant account that has just been changed to a new vendor. When the health department inspector came over to inspect this he found an old insect monitoring tray with dead crickets. Since crickets are found in this area from June-Oct, I know it was old. He told the new owners he wanted the restaurant sprayed. I told them I would not, because there was no active pest problem and the...
    Submitted by Casey, CA

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  • Sun Aug 2 2009

    A Role For Every Living Thing

    I just had a treatment for crickets and asked the technician what purpose the cricket has? Spiders catch other bugs, bees help flowers, but what do crickets do besides drive one nuts?
    Submitted by Linda, CA

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  • Sun Dec 21 2008

    Cricket Capers

    How do I eliminate crickets in a basement?
    Submitted by fernando, NY

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  • Tue Oct 21 2008

    The Cricket Social Club

    Why do crickets come up in bunches?
    Submitted by kimberly, AL

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  • Thu Jan 3 2008

    Jumpin' Jiminy

    i have a cricket that seems to have made a home in my water heater. How long do these guys live? He's making me crazy.
    Submitted by Linda, CA

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  • Sat Nov 17 2007

    A Portal To The Food Bank

    I've seen holes about an inch wide in the ground around the house, mostly in the flower bed, and was wondering if crickets live or hide out there during the day. If that's not what lives there, what do you think it is?
    Submitted by Linda, CA

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  • Thu Aug 23 2007

    The Legal Kind of Grass

    There is a black wasp that packs grass clippings in window frames. It also packs it with grasshoppers for food. What can you tell me about this critter?
    Submitted by William, MA

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  • Wed Oct 4 2006

    Stopping That Summer Singing

    What are the pros and cons of baiting vs. the application of a residual pesticide like Demand for field crickets? What is the life span? Won't the cool nights eliminate the problem anyway?
    Submitted by James R, AZ

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  • Tue Jul 4 2006

    Jumpin' Jiminy, They're a Nuisance

    Can a contact insecticide, applied by fogging, be used to control a field cricket infestation inside a 2 story office building? The infestation is located between floors. They are dropping fron the drop ceilings in this building. I can't find the source of the problem at this time. Bob Martin Martin Pest Control, LLC.
    Submitted by Robert, LA

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  • Sun Nov 13 2005

    Munching Through the Daisies

    Customer complains about grasshoppers eating his flowers. Problem is seasonal. Suggestions?
    Submitted by Russell, AZ

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  • Sun Sep 14 2003

    Crickets are not Welcome

    What is the best way to treat cricket invasions in the home.
    Submitted by richard, CO

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  • Wed Sep 3 2003

    Why the Wasps?

    I am having a problem with a wasp that is placing grass and debris into the grooves on my windows at home. The wasps are carrying little green insects that look like a tiny bright green grasshopper. Can you tell me what type of wasp this is? And also could you tell me what the grasshopper like insect is.
    Submitted by Pam, OH

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  • Sat Dec 28 2002

    Potato Bugs on Patrol

    I have a residential account, and the people residing in this home, have an infestation of "Jerusalam crickets",("Potato bugs") it seems to be quite odd, being that, in all the years I have been associated with Structural Pest Control, I have not come across an infestation where I am observing more than 100 of these strange insects all surrounding the structure. The home is in a heavily wooded ...
    Submitted by Brant, CA

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