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  • Tue Aug 20 2013

    Down and In

    The Verify bed bug monitor uses smooth walls to keep bed bugs in the pit. However, I also saw that bed bugs can climb glass. Which is correct? Can bed bugs climb very smooth surfaces like glass?
    Submitted by Harold, NY

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  • Fri Nov 30 2012

    Kicking Out The Bats

    Do you have any solutions for controlling bats in an outdoor area such as a gazebo. I am in a tropical region.
    Submitted by Jodi

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  • Tue Jul 17 2012

    Batty Buildings

    I have an account with bats in a small metal building. I have watched them leave so I know where to block access. Do you have any helpful hints on installing screen or netting to exclude them?
    Submitted by BERT, SC

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  • Fri Jul 6 2012

    Bat Battles

    What time of year can bats be removed in California?
    Submitted by Timothy, CA

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  • Fri Feb 24 2012

    Bats, and Not Even A Belfry

    I have an apartment building with bats in the end wall. The entry point is the flashing from the attic vent and brick. What is the best way to get them out?
    Submitted by Kevin, TX

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  • Mon Oct 25 2010

    Bats, But Not In The Belfry

    How do I get bats out of a wall?
    Submitted by david, LA

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  • Sat Dec 1 2007

    Awaiting The Warmth of Spring

    I have a customer who has bats living under the trim or rake boards on her house. They go under the trim where the siding overlaps and creates a small void. Since it is cooler here now do I have to wait until spring for them to leave, and cover the area so they cannot get back in, and then seal it up after we know they are gone? What can I do now about them?
    Submitted by william, VA

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  • Wed Sep 12 2007

    Batty In Belize

    In Central America we have a big problem with bats in residential areas. What else besides exclusion would help me with these pests? Locally there is no regulation or mandate that protects them.
    Submitted by Federico

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  • Sat Jun 23 2007

    Not Quite The Belfry

    BATS?? What can you do to control them? They are hiding under decorative roof tiles near a roof line. Any thoughts on exclusion, trapping, or baiting?
    Submitted by Gabe, FL

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  • Tue Jun 13 2006

    An Invitation to Go Away

    Is there any good Bat repellent to be used outside? I have a completely open area inside, and bats are coming to rest and sleep on the eaves. I have some pictures I could send you if you need them. Is there something besides exclusion? Thanks Guillermo Costa Rica
    Submitted by Guillermo, FL

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  • Fri Apr 8 2005

    Make Them Go AWAY!

    Hi, My name is Dennis and I have a bat problem with one of my accounts in their social area outside. The area is 19 meters long by 9 meters. The bats come in flying and before they hit the wall they turn and their droppings smash against the wall. My costumer is desperado and she is asking me to do something to fix this problem. They have an ultrasonic device that does not stop them from comi...
    Submitted by Dennis, FL

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  • Thu Dec 9 2004

    Driven Batty In Arizona

    Hi, I have an account that has bats inside the ceiling, I went onto the roof and checked the edges of it and it is very well sealed. I do not see them flying out of the house but I am very sure that they are bats because of the type of droppings that are falling from the ceiling to the inside of the house. The customer tells me he can hear them inside the ceiling of my bedroom at night maki...
    Submitted by Dennis, FL

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  • Wed Nov 3 2004

    Beneficial but Unwanted

    Would like to know what is the best way to deal with the persistent bats. What measures work best? Thanks Dennis
    Submitted by Dennis, FL

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  • Sun Aug 1 2004

    Being Driven Batty

    I have customer who has bats in his attic. I have found how they are getting in and it is an easy fix but my question is what do I use to get them out without killing them so we can close up the hole and keep them out?
    Submitted by Charles, AZ

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  • Fri Feb 14 2003

    Bats in the Belfry

    What is the best way to control "bats" in an attic.
    Submitted by Sean, FL

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