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  • Mon Sep 12 2016

    Cicada Killer Killer

    What is the best way to get rid of cicada killer wasps in a yard? We have treated the holes and treated the ground where they are located.
    Submitted by Tom, GA

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  • Tue Aug 25 2015

    Empty Nest Syndrome

    I have heard that mosquitoes do not fly once the temperature drops below 55°F. What temperature does it have to be above for yellowjackets to be out flying? I serviced a few accounts recently while the temps were in the low 60s and didn't see many active flight paths. Now that the temps are back into the 80s-90s, the areas I previously inspected three weeks ago have activity.
    Submitted by Randy, OH

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  • Thu Oct 30 2014

    Dusty Yellow Jackets

    I’ve used DeltaDust on yellow jackets this year and had so-so success with it when compared to last year. I shared this with another tech from another company and he said the same thing. Has anything changed?
    Submitted by Barry, GA

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  • Mon Aug 4 2014

    Sand, Sun & Digger Wasp Fun

    How can I treat a dog run with ground wasps in sun-exposed sand?
    Submitted by lou, NY

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  • Thu Mar 20 2014

    You Can Bait for Those?

    A new customer has asked me about wasps that dive bomb their pool and make swimming difficult. The wasps are from a large open field next door that has no access. Can anything be done to divert the wasps away from the pool area?
    Submitted by susan, NV

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  • Mon Mar 3 2014

    A Hornet by Any Other Name

    How come hornets are not called hornets? In east Texas, a yellow jacket is a small yellow paper wasp. A hornet lives in large paper nests that can be anywhere. When I try to find pictures, I can’t find them on Univar's website.
    Submitted by lynn, TX

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  • Tue Apr 16 2013

    Only the Queen Survives

    During what season are wasps most active? Is it spring, summer or fall?
    Submitted by daniel, CA

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  • Tue Feb 12 2013

    Yellowjackets Really Take The Bait

    You once stated that Onslaught could be mixed with baits for yellowjackets. Are there traps for this and how would it work?
    Submitted by William, MA

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  • Fri Sep 14 2012

    Come For the Sugar, Stay For the View

    It is autumn in New England and holly bushes are being swarmed by wasps, bees and other insects. I believe this is caused by aphid secretions and the holly flowers that bloom at this time. Are there any treatments that will help deter this from happening?
    Submitted by William, MA

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  • Tue Aug 28 2012

    Horse "Flies" Weren't Bad Enough

    I've been treating a 3-sided shelter that houses horses and the horse owners are complaining about wasps stinging the horses. I've dusted the voids and sprayed around the shelter with Transport Mikron, which seems to help for a few days and then the problem begins again. Any suggestions? Would some type of repellent work better? I know I'm killing the existing wasps, but within a matter of days...
    Submitted by Richard, PA

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  • Fri Aug 24 2012

    Wasps Over Water

    I have a client who has a well head infested with Polistes dominulus wasps. The nest was exposed when I removed the metal cover and it is sitting on the wiring at the top of the tube. Any pesticides used here would likely drip down into the water supply 20 feet below. Any suggestions on how to treat this and with what product? Dusts and liquid sprays seem dangerous and I don't want to get ...
    Submitted by Dale, OH

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  • Fri Aug 10 2012

    Killers of Cicadas, Not People

    I was just curious about the life cycle and habits of Cicada Killer Wasps. I've never seen as many as I've seen this year.
    Submitted by Nathan, MA

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  • Mon Jul 16 2012

    Live and Let Live?

    I have a customer who has a serious cicada killer problem. He has a very thick lawn that he waters to prevent them on his property. The neighbor to his left does not water his lawn and has a much larger number of the wasps and the property to the right has no vegetation and has many wasps as well digging into the sides of the hill. It also has a large drainage pit for the development. I'm out o...
    Submitted by LEVI, MD

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  • Mon May 14 2012

    Which Way For Wasps?

    I'm a PMP in Washington and this year wasps are becoming the pest of the year. What product or products do you suggest along with the best eradication methods to nests that are apparently visible?
    Submitted by Jason, WA

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  • Thu Nov 17 2011

    Mysterious Blobs

    I live in Central Texas. On our Oak trees are BB-sized balls glued to the leaves - thousands of them per tree. I've been told these balls are from wasps. Could you please give me more data?
    Submitted by Scott, TX

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  • Sun Oct 2 2011

    Wasps In The Woods

    I have a client that has an infested tree with around 50,000 wasps in it - it's incredible. Can I spray it with my gas sprayer with Dragnet?
    Submitted by Mathieu, ON

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  • Sat Sep 3 2011

    Bite, Sting, or Does It Matter?

    Do wasps bite or sting?
    Submitted by Mathew, CA

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  • Tue Aug 30 2011

    Hard Working Wasps

    How fast do paper wasps rebuild their nests?
    Submitted by ANGELINA, CA

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  • Thu May 12 2011

    Ant Baits And Wasps

    Realizing that maxforce bait or any other ant bait is not registered for the control of flying insects, I wonder about these baits killing yellow jackets or ground hornets that come in contact with it? In the old days "baits" used for hornets, yellow jackets, etc, were compounded with a sweet attractant. I am a PCO from Massachusetts. Thank you for your time and consideration.
    Submitted by Kenneth, MA

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  • Sat Feb 19 2011

    Possibly Wasps?

    I have a homeowner who has red wasps flying around the exterior and sometimes getting inside. The house has vinyl siding, and they seem to be behind the siding but I can't really tell. It has a high roof line which makes it difficult to inspect. Is there anything I can do to maybe draw them to a trap? Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.
    Submitted by Kevin, GA

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