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  • Thu Sep 22 2016

    Before or After?

    When is it legal to apply pesticides for bed bugs?
    Submitted by nate, NY

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  • Mon Jan 18 2016

    How to out with the Old

    What is the correct way to dispose of old pesticides in the state of Maryland?
    Submitted by michael, MD

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  • Wed Sep 23 2015

    May I Be Excused?

    Can Eco Exempt (Essentria) products be applied in schools without all the restrictions, including sweeping webs?
    Submitted by Matt, CA

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  • Wed Jun 24 2015

    Texas Post

    In Texas, am I required to hang a notice of regular pest control treatment in a restaurant? If so, where can I get a sample notice?
    Submitted by Brian, TX

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  • Fri Apr 24 2015

    Fifteen-Year Deadline

    What exactly is the review process for registered pesticides? Is there a set amount of years before a product must be reviewed? Do manufacturers have to present additional data? Also, in the case of pyrethroids and neonicotinoids, is there a deadline for their labels to be updated? I see many labels that have the updated language, but I also see quite a few labels with the old language stil...
    Submitted by Stephanie, FL

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  • Wed Jul 9 2014

    A Smooth Shave

    What is the regulation or law concerning facial hair on a pest control technician in the state of Florida?
    Submitted by edward, FL

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  • Fri May 9 2014

    Brake for Tortoises

    Can TopChoice be applied to turf that has gopher tortoises?
    Submitted by Barbara, FL

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  • Mon Apr 7 2014

    Spotting a Spot

    What is a spot application?
    Submitted by CLARK, CT

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  • Fri Mar 14 2014


    It has always been my understanding that exterior rodent stations must be removed and returned to our office when we are no longer servicing an account. Now I have a customer that wants to keep them even though they have closed the account. I can't find anything on the label. Is there a law or regulation I can refer to? .
    Submitted by Dennis, CA

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  • Wed Nov 27 2013

    Mission Possible

    Help needed in an elementary school classroom with a dropped ceiling where a roof rat problem was resolved three months ago. A tropical rat mite (confirmed ID) infestation is now active. Dusting the dropped the ceiling is out of the question for obvious reasons. Any suggestions on treatment would be appreciated.
    Submitted by Douglas, AZ

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  • Fri Oct 25 2013

    Crossing State Lines

    Do you need a target pest to legally apply a pesticide?
    Submitted by MANUEL, CA

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  • Wed Oct 2 2013

    Performance Enhancing Substances

    Do pyrethrums and pyrethrins fall under the new pyrethroid laws? The reason why I ask is because the label for the product Microcare does not say anything about the new regulations like, for example, Talstar P does.
    Submitted by randall, CA

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  • Mon Sep 9 2013

    There’s a List for That

    Is there a list of materials that can be used in an organic plant? I have searched the OMRI site and it is very limited. I am hoping there are more materials that can be used on the sites.
    Submitted by Debbie, CA

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  • Tue Aug 27 2013

    Sure! Why not?

    Can tracking powder be used in schools for Norway rat control?
    Submitted by tim, ME

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  • Mon Aug 26 2013

    How Inaccessible Should Inaccessible Be?

    Under Maine law, rodenticide stations in schools need to be placed in areas inaccessible to students. Are locked and anchored rodent stations placed in halls considered to be inaccessible in your opinion? In mine, they are not. Such areas would be inaccessible voids, wall voids, areas behind locked doors, etc.
    Submitted by tim, ME

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  • Tue Jun 25 2013

    It Matters Where You Weigh Your Cans

    We are experiencing audit issues concerning inventory of our chemicals. What is the best way to track the amount of chemical used or left in a can? We have discussed weighing cans each morning and then again at the end of day for more accuracy. Just wondering how others deal with this. Our days of estimating are over in the food processing facilities.
    Submitted by marygrace, NC

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  • Thu Jun 20 2013

    IPM – I’m Pretty Misunderstood

    Integrated Pest Management (IPM) seems to be getting harder and harder to convince people to use, even with the new generation of students coming through our institutions of higher learning. After explaining what IPM is and how it benefits all, an increasing number of naysayers only want you to kill their problem at any cost, such as the bees foraging outside windows and doorways when there is...
    Submitted by Gene, MI

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  • Thu May 23 2013

    One More Category Not Too Many

    In Florida, is it a violation for a General Household Pest (structural) operator to treat an exterior perimeter when providing an interior service at a particular location or just a plain exterior perimeter service at any location? Do you need to be certified in Lawn & Ornamental to provide such service?
    Submitted by Mark, FL

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  • Sun Apr 7 2013

    Broadcast News About Rodenticide Baits

    What exactly are the laws about using bait stations, particularly in certain areas of a restaurant like the basement? Are stations needed? No children, no pets. Where do you have to put bait in housing? Thanks.
    Submitted by Bernard, PA

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  • Sat Dec 1 2012

    Pallets In Production Areas?

    Is there anything under the FQPA or any known source regarding whether or not wood pallets are permitted in a food facility? I'm speaking of an inmate chow hall where food is stored, prepared, served and consumed. So far my calls and emails to my local health department have not gotten any response.
    Submitted by Scott, KY

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