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  • Wed Oct 8 2014

    The Supply Chain Strategy

    I have a quarterly customer who has an ongoing problem with Indian meal moths, primarily in the summer months. Last summer, I cleared out the pantry and treated the cracks and crevices. While doing so, I found and removed many pupal casings and fecal material on food packages and in paper bags and baskets. They have been fogging the pantry themselves and I supplied pheromone traps. They did...
    Submitted by robert, CA

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  • Wed Sep 17 2014

    Ghost Holes

    One of our techs has a client with an ongoing problem with tiny holes about the size of a writing pen tip in both new and old clothes stored in closets, drawers and shelves. The material is anything from silk, rayon, cotton, polyester - pretty much any thing. The tech has placed moth pheromone traps, sticky monitors and Prostrips in one of the closets where damage is most often found, but he ...
    Submitted by Wayne, CA

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  • Fri Aug 15 2014

    Refrigerated Food Source

    I’ve recently found some type of larvae in a refrigerator and freezer. My client removed all the food and cleaned the refrigerator, but now, a week later, they’re back. I've treated inside the appliance with BAC-A-ZAP to control bacteria. Any ideas on how I should treat this?
    Submitted by Michael, FL

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  • Mon Jul 7 2014

    Pet Traps

    I have a client who recently used glue boards to trap mice. Unfortunately for him, he has a short-haired puppy that became a little too curious and got one of the glue boards stuck to its leg. He called me for help and I offered what help I could, but thought it would be a good idea to get your opinion. What is the safest and most effective way to remove a glue board from a short-haired cani...
    Submitted by Kevin, CA

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  • Wed Nov 13 2013

    Dusty Attics

    I’m trying to determine the best scenario for attics. What is the best method of treating these? Should I use a desiccant?
    Submitted by ken, FL

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  • Mon Jul 8 2013

    IMMs Love ILTs

    Which product is best to treat Indianmeal moths inside a home?
    Submitted by GIOVANNY, CA

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  • Mon May 20 2013

    Lamp Shades Are Good Eatin’

    What kind of bug would be eating a lamp shade? I have a bug that looks like a very small beetle.
    Submitted by KIMBERLY, AZ

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  • Thu Apr 4 2013

    German cockroaches take up residence in residences.

    What works best to kill German cockroaches in a residence?
    Submitted by DANA, KS

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  • Tue Jan 15 2013

    Almost Invisible?

    I am dealing with a very small biting bug in a home. What could it be?
    Submitted by john, GA

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  • Mon Dec 17 2012

    Got Dirt?

    I have an account that once a year at the base of the house gets a mound of sand and small rocks. No bugs are seen, just this mound. Today they called and told me this is back and now there is sand inside the home in the same area from outside. I'm pulling my hair out trying to solve this problem. What is this?
    Submitted by bob, CA

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  • Sat Oct 27 2012

    Is IPM Worth It?

    First, can you help me find ancient or even Biblical references to pest management chemicals and concepts? I have read of some, but perhaps you have others. Second question, do routine barrier sprays actually do more unnecessary kills of insects than good kills, such as carpenter ants or roaches trying to trail up the side of a house? I understand the need to stop ants/roaches from crawling in...
    Submitted by Christopher, FL

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  • Thu Oct 18 2012

    Boating Bug Battles

    what products would be good to use around boat docks & piers for spiders, slugs, snakes, flies, gnats, mosquitoes, dragonflies?
    Submitted by Judy, MO

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  • Mon Aug 1 2011

    Got Bed Bugs? Win A Vacation.

    I was speaking with a property manager today about bed bug control. He told me that a few judges in Massachusetts are trying to pass a law that states the following - the landlord / property manager will be responsible for putting a tenant up in a hotel/motel for the duration of a bed bug treatment, plus be responsible for any damages incurred during the treatment. This seems to me to be an imp...
    Submitted by William, MA

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  • Fri Jul 29 2011

    Bed Bugs Eat Pesticides For Breakfast

    Having been involved with bed bug control for 15 years I have seen many changes in methodology and pesticides as well as non-pesticide treatments. There are two products that I use often, Steri-fab and Bedlam. I used to time how long it takes to kill the bed bug and it USED TO BE within 27 to 32 seconds. Now I watch more than a minute before the kill takes place, and sometimes even that doesn't...
    Submitted by William, MA

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  • Wed May 11 2011

    Sneaky Stinkbugs

    I am dealing with stink bugs in the second floor office of a home. The home has all new windows and seems to be recently remodeled. Any suggestions on where they may be entering?
    Submitted by Anthony, VA

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  • Wed May 4 2011

    Stink Bug Traps

    How do you control stink bugs? Are there any traps or pheromones out there?
    Submitted by Ronald, PA

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  • Thu Apr 28 2011

    A Bed Bug Dusting

    I have noticed in the last three months that on three occasions, I have run across people who use diatomaceous Earth in an attempt to control bed bugs. It is usually piled up on furniture, floors, beds, etc., and in one incident the dust was even thrown all over a box of boxes. I tell the customer to clean up the dust because it is a desiccant that will harm them. You can walk into the room and...
    Submitted by William, MA

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  • Wed Apr 27 2011

    Bites? Maybe.

    I have a customer who is getting bitten on her legs, but she has never seen what has bitten her. Last year she had another pest control company come and spray her house, but it didn't help. I'm not sure if I can help, and not sure what to look for. I hope that you can give me something to go on.
    Submitted by joey, MS

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  • Fri Apr 22 2011

    The Heat And More

    We are heat-treating a home that's on a concrete slab, and our concern is the baseboard and carpet edge. We can get everything in the unit up to temp except the floor. We thought we would treat the baseboard and carpet edge with a wet chemical before we heat treat. Should we use a knockdown like Exciter or Phantom mixed with gentrol? After we heat treat the unit for 4 hrs we want to dust the ba...
    Submitted by Kenneth, OH

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  • Fri Apr 15 2011

    Some Bugs Really Suck

    I have a possible assassin bug issue. Do you have any treatment recommendations? Thank you for any help you can provide.
    Submitted by Chuck, TX

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