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  • Wed Jun 3 2015

    Searching for Silverfish

    Is there a protocol for preparing an apartment or room to be treated for silverfish?
    Submitted by Pedro, FL

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  • Fri Mar 6 2015

    No Fishing License Needed

    What are the products available for silverfish management?
    Submitted by paul, AL

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  • Wed Apr 24 2013

    To-may-to, To-mah-to

    To what order do silverfish belong?
    Submitted by Timothy, CA

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  • Mon Jan 7 2013

    Silverfish Everywhere

    What is the best thing to do for elimination of silverfish in a hatchery incubator room?
    Submitted by Chris, AL

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  • Mon Jan 2 2012

    Sensitive Settings

    Silverfish in a hospital setting. What's the best control for them?
    Submitted by Gerald, ME

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  • Thu Aug 11 2011

    Too Hot Even For Bugs

    When attic temperatures routinely reach over 125 degrees in summer here in Florida, wouldn't that control many pests such as silverfish, or is it not hot enough?
    Submitted by Charles, FL

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  • Fri Jul 8 2011

    Silverfish Drive-Up Service

    We are servicing a bank on an every-other-month service. The bank is only about 4 years old, and the only problem is silverfish. The only place I find them is at the drive-up window, in the drawers under the counter. One of our techs put a glue board in one of the drawers and I trapped different stages of silverfish. Can you help on this?
    Submitted by joey, MS

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  • Wed Mar 30 2011

    Surgical Silverfish

    I have a hospital in southern NY that has a silverfish problem in the operating room. The OR is located directly under the kitchen and is below ground level. What would be your recommendations for this service? Do you think we should apply any type of residual or contact insecticide, or do you think we should just recommend exclusion such as sealing the edges of the room. Please advise, and tha...
    Submitted by Randy, NY

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  • Mon Jul 19 2010

    The Silverfish Are In The House

    Could you please tell me what treatment method would be best for firebrats that are seen high on the wall, near the ceiling? Cracks, crevices and baseboards have been treated. There are no cracks or crevices near the ceiling. Thank you very much.
    Submitted by Bryan, WV

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  • Mon Feb 23 2009

    Silverfish Management

    What products would be most helpful with silverfish. We are having a problem with this insect. The description that you have is very vague and needs additional information.
    Submitted by tim, AL

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  • Fri Dec 19 2008

    Slay Those Silverfish

    What would be the best product to fight silverfish in a home, mostly upper rooms? The attic is almost sealed off. THANKS - Andre
    Submitted by Andre, MD

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  • Mon Nov 19 2007

    A Cozy Winter Firebrat

    A few homes on my schedule have firebrats. In all cases the homes have shake roofs. Keeping the perimeter clear and treated has been our standard approach, but I wonder if this is really effective. Why would a firebrat ever bother to wander down the outside of the house to visit the treated perimeter anyway?
    Submitted by Ruth M, OR

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  • Sun Nov 9 2003

    Lingering Silverfish

    We are having a very difficult time controlling silverfish in a townhouse condominium. The unit is only about 10 to 12 years old but has already had some serious moisture issues i.e. stains on ceilings, along with poor run off resulting from wood shingles. The unit is tightly insulated with cathedral ceilings above the bedrooms and foyer. We have been in the accessable attic space and have d...
    Submitted by Keith, NH

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  • Sat Aug 24 2002

    Evicting Silverfish

    what is the best way to get rid of silverfish
    Submitted by Sean, FL

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