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  • Fri Dec 5 2014

    Primary vs. Secondary

    I'm dealing with a pigeon issue in a four-story senior citizen apartment building in a residential area. There are a few dozen pigeons roosting under one of the fourth floor dormers just above the tenant’s balcony. Avitrol is not appropriate because of secondary poisoning of seagulls. A contractor is going to do exclusion work, but first the pigeons have to be removed before cleanup can comm...
    Submitted by Richard, NS

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  • Wed Jan 8 2014

    Time to Fly the Coop

    When do baby pigeons leave the nest?
    Submitted by JACQUELINE, CA

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  • Wed Oct 10 2012

    Protection for Pigeons?

    Is it illegal for a pest control company to destroy pigeons when all other methods have been attempted?
    Submitted by JOHN, AZ

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  • Thu Feb 23 2012

    Happy Where They Are

    I service a potato processing plant where one of their shops has 2 pigeons roosting in it. From what the customer has said they have been there for over 2 years, but in the 4 months I have been working on site I have only ever seen the same 2 birds. Exclusion is as good as it will get and I can't seem to catch or bait these 2 pigeons. Any suggestions? I have prebaited with several differe...
    Submitted by Thomas, WA

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  • Sun Apr 10 2011

    If Not One, Then Another

    I have a house that has carpenter bees that we have treated. However, now the customer is saying that woodpeckers are digging into the wood of the house to get the larvae. What can I do to, and is there anything that will help?
    Submitted by joey, MS

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  • Sat Mar 12 2011

    Birds - Not Always So Cute

    I have a sparrow problem in a food processing warehouse. We have tried trapping, glue boards with water and seed on them, and shooting them, with limited success with all of the above. I am asking if you have any other suggestions as to what we can do to help this customer out. They are becoming a little upset.
    Submitted by Randy, NY

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  • Sat Jan 15 2011

    Avitrol Says Goodbye

    I understand that Avitrol is no longer available since it has closed. I am wondering if this is still legal to use in the state of NY. I am having a bird issue in western NY and I was looking at implementing a program at the location. Can you please advise?
    Submitted by Randy, NY

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  • Sun Dec 26 2010

    Flickers and Peckers

    I'm looking for a solution to a problem with flickers, which are hanging around by vent screens, and may have gotten into one. They also are creating a mess all over the exterior.
    Submitted by Mike, CA

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  • Fri Dec 17 2010

    Flicking And Pecking

    What time of year do woodpeckers in the Pacific Northwest nest or lay eggs? Also, are Flickers the same as woodpeckers?
    Submitted by Steve, WA

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  • Sun Nov 21 2010

    Avitrol Or Spikes?

    I am doing pigeon control in the downtown area of a small city, an old stone church 40 to 50 feet or higher in some places. Would you suggest Avitrol or spikes?
    Submitted by myron, OH

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  • Mon Nov 8 2010

    Bye Bye Birdie Product

    My office is located in Calgary and recently was informed that Avitrol would stop production. Just wondering what the replacement, if any, would be available in my area,, and to whom I could submit a complaint if there are no alternatives. Thanks.
    Submitted by Scott, AB

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  • Wed Oct 27 2010

    Pecking The Night Away

    What is the reason woodpeckers in the Northeast peck at homes this time of year? Are there any methods to inhibit this activity?
    Submitted by William, MA

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  • Sat Aug 14 2010

    An Annual Mud Fest

    I have seen many home remedies for keepng mud swallows away, but wonder if there really is a cure. They return to the same spots every spring. What can be done?
    Submitted by James R, AZ

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  • Sat Apr 17 2010

    A Tough One To Swallow

    I have little black birds that I have not been able to identify that keep trying to build a mud nest above the front door of my home. I wash the mud away and the come back day after day. It has been about a week now. What can I do to get rid of them?
    Submitted by Tracy, TX

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  • Sat Feb 20 2010

    So Pretty But Such A Mess

    What products can be used to control pigeons?
    Submitted by Roncellie

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  • Sun Nov 8 2009

    Who Let The Birds In?

    From time to time I deal with birds getting into facilities. What are the best products to prevent them from getting in, and any suggestions on getting them out of the account?
    Submitted by Nick, MI

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  • Thu Aug 20 2009

    Our Fine Feathered Pests

    In regards to Pigeon control I've been using Avitrol and it seems to work alright. I'm trying to up my productivity against this pest and wondering what your take is on "scary Eyes Balloons". Do these work at all or is it more of a gimic? The senior tech told me they might work as long as you move them around on a month to month basis. The boss says they just need to be installed properly so th...
    Submitted by Scott, AB

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  • Sat Apr 11 2009

    Even Birds Shop There

    I am dealing with House Sparrows living in a Costco. Any recommendations on how to catch and remove?
    Submitted by MARC, NJ

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  • Wed Aug 13 2008

    The Gnuisance of Gnats

    Do gnats bite people? I have an office where the people are claiming that gnats are biting them.
    Submitted by ken, TX

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  • Sun Jun 29 2008

    The Early Bird Soils The Party

    I have a customer who just had an in-ground swimming pool installed with a very nice stone apron surrounding it. This residence is on the coast, Cohasset, MA, and you would think the problem is seagulls, but it is Robins flying over the new apron and leaving their mark - so to speak. Are there any solutions that I could offer this customer? She had one local person offer to fire off some sort o...
    Submitted by Judith, MA

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