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  • Mon Feb 29 2016

    Marina del Web

    I have an opportunity to bid on a spider and web management program at a marina. How would you effectively bid on this? My thought is to use the measurements of the treatment areas to help determine the amount of chemical to have on hand per treatment, then factor in a labor rate and add margin for profit. What are your thoughts? This would be an ongoing contract as well as over the course ...
    Submitted by scott, ID

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  • Thu Dec 10 2015

    “Green” Spiders

    Is it true that spiders recycle their webs? Is spraying webs and leaving them in place an effective control method?
    Submitted by Joseph, ID

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  • Mon Nov 9 2015

    A Horse of Another Color

    Do insect growth regulators (IGRs) work on all insects? What about brown recluse spiders?
    Submitted by tracy, AL

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  • Wed Aug 19 2015

    Direct Combat

    The majority of my business is spider management during the spring, summer and fall months. We apply either Suspend SC or Temprid SC. Both have done very well for me. What are the rules for spraying the entire exterior of a home or business? Obviously, we watch the weather for high winds and rain, but when the conditions are right can I spray the entire exterior? My customers don't like to...
    Submitted by Eric, OH

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  • Thu Feb 5 2015

    Eight Legs and the Backstroke

    I have a customer who gets about 2-3 dozen spiders (small about 3/8 inch, black) in his in-ground pool each morning, which then just disappear in the late morning. They do not seem to die and drown. They are all alive and look like they are going for a daily swim. They are never found by the rocks and pavement around the pool and they never see any throughout the yard. What kind would they be a...
    Submitted by Frank, NV

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  • Fri Jan 16 2015

    Spiders at the Marina

    I need a product for controlling spiders on and around marine docks. What products are available for use around lakes?
    Submitted by Ray, MI

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  • Fri Sep 26 2014

    You’re the Best!

    I’m wondering what I can use to treat spiders inside the edge of a pool. I’ve been running my Webster inside the edge to remove the few webs, but is there a product I can use that won’t drip into the pool and contaminate it?
    Submitted by Eddie, CA

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  • Thu Jun 19 2014

    Already Alright

    I need to treat for spiders but the customer is very chemical sensitive. What products would be best for this situation? We do use a Webster web remover.
    Submitted by Richard, GA

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  • Tue May 13 2014

    Sack the Sacs

    When treating for black widow spiders, is there anything extra that needs to be done to kill the spiders that are inside the eggs? Will a residual pesticide be enough to kill the emerging spiders? Is there any pesticide that penetrates spider egg sacs? Also, what is the gestation period for black widow spiders?
    Submitted by Joseph, ID

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  • Wed Oct 16 2013

    Try It After Halloween

    What is the best product to use for cob web removal in areas such as horse arenas or boat marinas?
    Submitted by John, SC

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  • Thu Sep 19 2013

    LEED Away from Lights

    Spiders have attached themselves to the exterior of a newly constructed 18 story office building. The building is on a lakefront with a nearby river. The building is LEED Silver. The exterior facade is granite, steel, and glass with lots of edges, corners, gaps and voids. The spiders are feeding on the insects that are attracted to the lights that are on the exterior and the lights that are...
    Submitted by John, OH

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  • Thu May 30 2013

    Keeping the Wolves at Bay

    What is the best way to treat for wolf spiders?
    Submitted by Frank, CA

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  • Thu Apr 25 2013

    DIY Research

    I live in an area where spiders are a major part of my business. Exterior spraying of homes and businesses is the majority of my summer work. I currently use Talstar with good results for sixty to seventy days. Is there another product that can be added to Talstar that would extend the residual and still be safe to use on ornamentals?
    Submitted by Michael, OH

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  • Thu Jan 10 2013

    Attacking For No Reason?

    Which spider is most aggressive during spring through mid-summer, black widow, hobo, or brown recluse?
    Submitted by Brian, OR

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  • Thu Nov 8 2012

    Amazing Webs And Spiders

    My daughters k-1 class wants to know why spiders don't get caught in their own webs and do they get caught in other spiders' webs?
    Submitted by ronnie, CO

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  • Sun Oct 28 2012

    Eight Legs? Gotta Go.

    How to kill spiders?
    Submitted by Lewayne, GA

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  • Tue Oct 2 2012

    On Gossamer Wings

    How do young Black Widow spiders leave the nest and go out on their own?
    Submitted by Neal, TX

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  • Sat Sep 29 2012

    Unwanted Spiders

    I have in my own house problems with Daddy long legs. I find them often in all the rooms? How do I control these pesky pests?
    Submitted by Marcus F., FL

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  • Tue Sep 4 2012

    Life to Black Widows?

    An industrial client called us about black widows in their paint shop. Upon inspection I found black widows and multiple other species of spiders in the four ventilation ducts. This is a relatively small area where mining equipment is spray painted. I was amazed at the large number of spiders living in paint fumes. I was wondering if you could bat that around a little.
    Submitted by Barry, WV

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  • Mon Sep 3 2012

    Death to Black Widows

    What is the best pesticide for killing black widows?
    Submitted by Brandon, TX

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