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  • Fri Nov 11 2016

    Mysterious Ghosts

    We seem to be having more of an issue with ghost ants lately. Making the best with what is available seems to be a concern. With all the new things available for ants, it seems even more confusing. We have a standard procedure of using sweet baits to eliminate ghost ants but callbacks this year seem to be more. We also use a non-repellent residual on the exterior, one foot up and one foot o...
    Submitted by Emil, FL

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  • Fri Jun 10 2016

    There’s Only One Little Black Ant

    Are the tiny black ants we’ve been seeing in southern Orange County, CA for the past couple of years also Argentine ants, just smaller?
    Submitted by Chris, CA

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  • Thu Oct 29 2015

    Caribbean, Hairy, Rasberry, Tawny & Crazy

    We have located a colony of Caribbean crazy ants in south Georgia. They are not common in Georgia. What products do you have for these?
    Submitted by john, GA

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  • Tue Jul 7 2015

    Tiny Ghosts

    Sometimes I come across small, kind of beige spider mite-looking things that, from a bit farther away, look like ghost ants. I think they have tiny spider-like bodies but trail like ants. I've seen them in and outdoors. What might they be? Do you believe sweet borate baits would be effective?
    Submitted by Christopher, FL

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  • Mon Feb 9 2015

    Big Heads, White Feet

    What is the best way of treating big headed ants and white footed ants?
    Submitted by Randall, FL

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  • Fri Oct 10 2014

    Backyard Birds

    A customer's daughter has ants in the backyard. Normally, I would apply a granular pesticide for the ants, but the problem is she has chickens in her yard that eat the ants. Any suggestions?
    Submitted by jeff, AZ

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  • Mon Sep 15 2014

    Trial by Fire

    I have tried everything I can think of to get rid of my customer’s ants. They are all around his pool and yard. I’ve applied granules, Termidor and InTice gel and still, every 15 days or so, the ants keep coming back with new mounds and running around the pool. Any suggestions?
    Submitted by jeff, AZ

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  • Wed Jul 23 2014

    Ant Colony Gives Birth in Hospital

    What is the best way to manage winged ants in a hospital? They are in the light fixtures and, some think, above the ceiling tiles.
    Submitted by Henry, MA

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  • Mon Jun 2 2014

    The Fire Ant Two-Step

    I have had a couple of accounts with extensive California (southern) fire ant nests. I have been using Temprid SC for most of my general pest control needs and applying a light mist three to five feet around the mounds, but I'm wondering if there may be a better solution with how large of an area these ants are infesting. Sometimes the majority of the mounds are on a neighboring property whic...
    Submitted by Michael, CA

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  • Fri Apr 25 2014

    Easter Ants

    What is the best course of action for springtime ants? Is there one specific treatment or trial and error?
    Submitted by Greg, NJ

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  • Mon Dec 16 2013

    Dust and Done

    I have a carpenter ant nest in the roots of a brand new oak tree that has just been planted. I say that because they only come up when the tree is watered. There must be an air pocket down there because they’re not even drowning. I treated the base of the tree and the soil on top with a drench. This happens to be a friend of mine. He just contacted me tonight saying they are crazy now (cra...
    Submitted by Steve, FL

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  • Thu Oct 17 2013

    Bee Box Crashers

    I’m looking for some help with a problem I have with ghost ants. I'm a beekeeper and I keep finding the ants nesting in between my boxes that stack on top of each other. I've treated the base of the stand the hives sit on, but they always seem to get past it and set up shop with the bees anyways. I've used both repellents and non-repellents.
    Submitted by leo, FL

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  • Fri Sep 13 2013

    A Peacock of a Problem

    I have a customer that has peacocks all around his property and also a fire ant problem. His birds don't have cages or an enclosure to place them in while we do a treatment. Is there a bait I can use that would not be harmful to these birds?
    Submitted by Rico, FL

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  • Thu Sep 12 2013

    Ants Aren't Agoraphobic

    What is the best product for ants inside the home?
    Submitted by Louis, FL

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  • Mon Aug 19 2013

    Put Out the Pasture Fire

    What type of insecticide can be used in pasture grazing land for control of fire ants?
    Submitted by Todd, FL

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  • Mon Aug 12 2013

    Now Is Not a Good Time

    Are my observations correct? When treating an ant trail that is moving eggs and larva, are the ants so regimented that they will not stop to take the bait?
    Submitted by Scott, KY

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  • Fri Aug 9 2013

    Inside Out? Outside In!

    I’m dealing with ants in a butterfly sanctuary. I recommended exclusion first and still had the problem. Now, I am using granular baits. Would using a gel bait be risky? Would the butterflies be drawn to the bait?
    Submitted by Jim, NM

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  • Tue May 21 2013

    Know Your Target and How Big It Is

    I have a customer that I have been servicing for two years. She originally started the service because of an ant problem that she was having in her house. Specifically, she was having an issue with flying ants. I have treated inside her house with Phantom and Optiguard Flex, and use Delta Dust in her wall voids in the one wall where the ants emerge. Sometimes the ants are gone for a couple ...
    Submitted by Jed, NM

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  • Tue May 14 2013

    Find Where Opportunity Knocks

    I have a client who has odorous house ants behind his shower wall. I have baited and sprayed in his crawl and bathroom and even calked around his pipes, and yet he still keeps having them return. But they’re nowhere else in the house and I can’t find them outside. What can I do?
    Submitted by chris, GA

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  • Wed May 8 2013

    Look No Further

    I have been using Advion ant gel bait gel since August 2008. Since that time, I have purchased two other brands of ant bait gel with very disappointing results. Another product, Optigard, works fairly well but, due to my lack of proper research, I find it too is a neonicotinoid. I want to find an ant bait gel that uses a different mode of action. Any thoughts or recommendations on this matter?
    Submitted by Scott, KY

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