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  • Fri May 6 2016

    Emerald Ash Borers

    What is the best product for emerald ash borer management?
    Submitted by Trevor, OH

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  • Wed Apr 3 2013

    Cicadas Are Driving Me Crazy!

    With the 17 year cicada swarms getting close, is there any pre-treatment or control spraying that is recommended that I can offer my customers?
    Submitted by christopher, MD

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  • Thu Mar 21 2013

    Injection Direction

    First, I have found your articles very helpful. I am aware of permethrin. What do you think of trunk injection as a treatment?
    Submitted by Nicholas, CO

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  • Tue Jan 8 2013

    Little Bug, Big Problems

    I have treated several Ficus trees with Merit for Rugose Spiraling Whitefly and have had great success. However, two of the trees seem to be in shock for the past 6 months. While most produced new leaves last spring some remained bare with no growth. Under the bark they seem to be alive with green, moist tissue, but no leaves. Should I fertilize them with a liquid like 20-20-20 plus iron or a g...
    Submitted by Augusto, FL

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  • Mon Dec 10 2012

    Lichen Control

    How do I mix Cupro 5000 for small applications to control lichen fungus?
    Submitted by terrance, FL

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  • Thu Oct 4 2012

    A Tree Hated The Change

    A healthy, green, flower-bearing desert willow went into severe, immediate transplant shock when re-planted. I suspect I added too much steer manure and salt which caused the problem and I am watering generously to combat. Any suggestions?
    Submitted by CHARLES, AZ

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  • Sun Jun 24 2012

    Pine Needle Damage

    I got a call from a client who is having pine tree problems. The pines have a little worm eating the inside 'tips' of the pines. Here in New Mexico I thnk we call them tip moth but I could be mistaken. I have never dealt with a problem like this one before and asked a friend in the pest control industry what to do. He said to spray the pines with Talstar P. Is this correct advice? He also menti...
    Submitted by Travis, NM

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  • Sat Feb 11 2012

    Asian Longhorned Problems

    Any new product development for control of Asian Longhorned Beetles?
    Submitted by Alan, FL

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  • Fri Jan 20 2012

    Pests On Ficus

    I've been treating a 12 ft ficus around a condo association with Dominion and Orthene and treated them 3 times more, once a month, with permethrin. Yet they still seem to be coming back. Is there a better chemical or process that will work.
    Submitted by gerard, FL

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  • Sat May 7 2011

    Caterpillar Invasion

    Two customers have called me today about hundreds of caterpillars crawling on their patios and driveways, coming into their garages. I asked them to describe them to me, and they told me that they were about an inch long, slim and black, with a white underside. What are these? Ballground and waleska.
    Submitted by Robert, GA

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  • Sun Aug 1 2010

    Galls Are Just Swell

    Just reading up on spruce gall. Everything I read states the best time to treat is in the spring. Would there be any benefit to treating it mid to late summer with either systemic or residual? Or, is the damage already done?
    Submitted by Scott, AB

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  • Sun Jun 20 2010

    Muncha Buncha Leaves

    What do you recommend for caterpillars?
    Submitted by Steve, FL

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  • Fri Jan 22 2010

    Something To Do In The Winter

    When is the best time to do dormant sprays for apple trees and roses, and why?
    Submitted by Craig, CA

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  • Wed Nov 18 2009

    Oozing Orange

    I am dealing with a large birch tree with red/rust colored emissions coming from the base of the tree. Is this a fungus or bacterial infection? What do you recommend I use for treatment?
    Submitted by Richard, NV

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  • Tue Nov 17 2009

    Fig Whitefly Remedies

    Fig whitefly - where did it come from and what is the cheapest way to control it? Is there any home remedy such as liquid soap, garlic, or something natural, even if I spray monthly. I know about systemics, but they are very expensive.
    Submitted by Augusto, FL

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  • Wed Mar 11 2009

    Not Liking The Lichen

    I had a customer ask me how to get rid of lichens on her trees? I haven't found anything labeled for lichens. I read one note that said they are sensitive to sulphur dioxide, a primary constituent of acid rain.
    Submitted by Lee, CA

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  • Tue Sep 23 2008

    Ficus Whitefly

    If I use imidacloprid on Ficus for whitefly, how long it would last?
    Submitted by Alberto, FL

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  • Fri Feb 15 2008

    A Real Stinker of a Problem

    How do we treat for Halyomorpha halys in Pennsylvania? What products are best used.
    Submitted by Bruce, PA

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  • Sat Jul 14 2007

    Ruining The Nuts

    We got a call about husk maggots in walnut trees - is there a bait to use on this problem?
    Submitted by Tim, ID

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  • Thu May 3 2007

    A Fungus Amongus

    I was wondering if there were any ground injections for powdery mildew, like Merit is for birch trees. Thank you very much.
    Submitted by william, CA

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