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  • Mon Feb 4 2013

    How Much Fumigant?

    What dosage of Vikane will kill the egg stage of insects?
    Submitted by Dale, FL

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  • Sat Dec 29 2012

    Small Space Fumigation

    I just heard about Nuvan Prostrips. What types of insects does it eliminate and how does it work? I hope I'm not asking too many questions. I just want to learn all that I can.
    Submitted by thomas, CA

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  • Fri Nov 16 2012

    Alternative Fumigants

    What can you tell me about the use of gases, such as nitrogen and hydrogen in pest control? Are they mainly used for bed bugs and drywood termites, or is there any other way to utilize them? Thank you.
    Submitted by Marcus F., FL

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  • Fri Mar 14 2008

    Unwanted Etchings

    Why do you have to turn off all the heating elements and timers before a Vikane fumigation, and how would the sulfur affect materials in the house?
    Submitted by Ricardo, CA

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  • Thu Oct 21 2004

    Everything But the Eggs

    I see that the Vikane label does not include german roaches. So, with that aside, could the Vikane penetrate the egg capsule.
    Submitted by Todd, CA

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