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  • Mon Apr 4 2016

    Reasonable Pressure

    I’ve been doing a lot of bed bug jobs lately. My pump sprayers put out too much product to treat furniture. I use aerosols, but they are expensive. Besides buying a portable aerosol unit, do you know of any good sprayers or nozzles I could use?
    Submitted by Shawn, OH

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  • Wed Jan 20 2016

    Not Enough Tanks

    We use several products throughout the day for different properties. We are thinking about getting a truck mounted power sprayer. My question is, if you have a 100-gallon water tank for the day, how do you switch between products? Is there some type of injector that can put a specific amount of product into the water stream? Or, are you stuck with the product you put into 100 gallons of wat...
    Submitted by Yoel, FL

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  • Mon Jul 1 2013

    Clean Me!

    What do you suggest when it comes to cleaning B&Gs and Birchmeier backpacks? Soap and water, triple rinse or bleach? For example, I’ve triple rinsed a B&G that had Termidor in it and I now need to use Suspend SC.
    Submitted by Danny, NV

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  • Wed Feb 6 2013

    Take A Breath of Fresh Air

    Which filter would provide the best protection from Pyrocide 100/300 applications made from an Actisol - a 3M (6001)Organic Vapor Cartridge or a 3M (6006) Multi-Gas/Vapor Cartridge? (in conjunction with the 5P71 Particulate pre-filter of course). I have been unable to find any preference of one over the other for pest control application, but I would assume that one provides a better level of p...
    Submitted by Eric, UT

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  • Sun Dec 2 2012

    Tim-Bor And Nozzles

    I perform Subterranean and Drywood termite treatments. The problem I'm having is with the Sub treatments where the use of Tim-Bor is causing my pump and/or hose to clog with debris. Now, cleaning my equipment would be the simple and true answer, but even after cleaning the filter and attempting to prime the hose it still clogs. I'm following label instructions when mixing. Can you please tell...
    Submitted by Rexann, CA

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  • Tue Nov 27 2012

    Ultrasonics For Everything

    I overheard someone talk about ultrasonic whistles to repel stray dogs away from a factory entrance. Would this actually work? Are not these devices used for training instead?
    Submitted by Marcus F., FL

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  • Thu Jul 19 2012

    Pump and Spray Performance

    How can I measure output pressure (p.s.i.) at the nozzle of my JD-9 gun or lawn wand on my truck mounted spray rig? Not just the pressure the device is rated for. I am trying to evaluate major changes to the output p.s.i. of my spray rig and their ultimate effect... this may be plumbing changes, orifice configurations, aging components, and other variables that all have effects on the ultimate ...
    Submitted by Richard, TX

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  • Sat May 26 2012

    Sprayer Pressure Is Important

    Kind of an odd question - approximately how many full pumps are required on a nicely maintained B&G 1 gallon stainless steel sprayer? The label on Masterline Bifenthrin 7.9 states it should be used indoors at or under 25 p.s.i., and I kind of feel like buying and using a pressure gauge for such a basic task is unreasonable. I have been under the impression that, in general, a surface area spra...
    Submitted by Christopher, FL

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  • Thu Mar 29 2012

    If It's Not One Thing It's Another

    As a technician I service a lot of restaurants. My question is where in a restaurant can I spray with my B&G? my boss wants me to spray just about everywhere, but I refuse to spray in food prep and cooking areas, and I tend to use crack and crevice treatments and glue boards in those areas. I do spray the dining area. I would hate to contaminate the food with overspray. Also, are we allowed to ...
    Submitted by thomas, CA

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  • Wed Oct 12 2011

    Collecting Memories

    A different question for you. For the last 6 months I have been building a collection of antique pest control memorabilia, advertisements, application devices, books, etc. Unfortunately, the only reliable sites I have come by are craigslist & ebay. The pickings on those sites are pretty bare bones. I was wondering if you knew of any place that I could visit (web or in person) to help expand my ...
    Submitted by Eric, UT

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  • Wed Aug 24 2011

    Baiting Outdoors

    What are some outside ant bait stations that hold liquid ant bait as well as granular ant bait?
    Submitted by Gail, GA

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  • Thu Feb 17 2011

    Turning Up The Heat

    Are you aware of the new technology released by Hetta Solutions? They are marketing a Portable Thermal Chamber that you can bring into the customer's location to eradicate bed bugs on non-treatable items (electronics, stuffed items, toys, mattresses, couches, etc.). We treat chemically where we can and heat the other items. We have been using these for about 10 months with no call backs.
    Submitted by Kim, MN

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  • Fri Jan 21 2011

    Let's Keep It Clean

    Just a quick question on keeping your tanks, hoses, and pumps clean from product buildup and not smelling. How often should you do a clean out of the system, and what clean out agent do you recommend? Also, how do you dispose of the clean out agent after uses? I have also heard you can use liquid dish soap as a cleaning agent as well. Is this true?
    Submitted by Danny, UT

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  • Mon Dec 27 2010

    Big Versus Smaller

    Some in pest control rely on truck mounted power sprayers for their routine perimeter treatments. Some rely on a back-pack sprayer for these General Pest treatments. Is one method more effective than the other? Is one method more efficient than the other? Where can I locate authoritative references to studies concerning the topic?
    Submitted by Richard, TX

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  • Wed Sep 22 2010

    Zap Not Trap

    I need a recomendation for an outdoor bug zapper. Have tried several from the hardware store in the $50-$100 range. They work great while they are working but none seem to last.
    Submitted by William, FL

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  • Tue Jun 22 2010

    All The Options For Bedbugs

    In reference to Bed bugs, I have heard a lot about freezing. What is it and how do we treat and get training in it to be effective? Also, the dogs that are used - are they a sure-fire way of detecting the insect without us seeing with our own eyes?
    Submitted by mike, NY

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  • Sun Mar 7 2010

    And The Air Was Filled With The Scent Of............

    I've recently acquired both a space fogger and a space duster, but I'm not sure exactly in what circumstances I should use them. I have the capability to either dust or fog an entire crawlspace or attic, but when would this type of treatment be acceptable?
    Submitted by Brandon, WA

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  • Sat Jan 2 2010

    Clean Up Your Own Mess

    Submitted by Demorris, AL

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  • Tue Dec 8 2009

    The Magic Boxes

    Do the electronic devices really deter roaches and rats? They say just plug them in and they emit some type of electrical frequency throughout your home. It doesn't say a word about ant control. I am getting this question occasionally recently. What do you think?
    Submitted by Scott, FL

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  • Fri Nov 20 2009

    The Easy Way Out

    Are the ultrasonic/Electromagnetic Pest Repellers effective in repelling pests? Thanks.
    Submitted by Howard, MS

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