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  • Mon Sep 14 2015


    What pesticides kill springtails and which is best to manage springtails outside?
    Submitted by Greg, TX

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  • Fri Jul 4 2014

    Springtail Sourcing

    I have a customer who, every morning, has really small bugs in most of the sinks and showers in the house. They look and jump like springtails. None of the sinks or showers has leaks around them, upstairs or downstairs. There is some bad wood siding on the house and no mulch. This just started about five days ago. What can I do to manage the situation?
    Submitted by Terry, OH

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  • Tue Sep 17 2013

    Forked Tails

    I have a 157-foot yacht with 12 staterooms, each of which has its own air handling system in the headliner. I have collected two different bugs that appear to be coming from the AC. One is a fungus beetle and the other, I believe, is the order Protura. Have you ever known these insects to live in a moist area (each unit has a drip pan which hasn't been cleaned in years) or will they only liv...
    Submitted by Michele, RI

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  • Wed Jul 17 2013

    Sometimes a Choice Is Better Than Nothing

    This house had major water damage. Now the house and yard are full of springtails. She has called several companies who've told her they will go away. The damage has been fixed and still lots of springtails. I'm thinking, after a proper ID, of doing a yard, subarea and inside treatment. Any ideas will help.
    Submitted by doug, CA

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  • Thu Dec 27 2012

    Things Are Really Hopping

    I had a complaint from an office worker about "something" under his desk biting him. I put some insect monitoring traps up and when I returned there were a few specks on the traps. Upon examination, these were insects that are very small, with clubbed antennae (3 segments and a club), and some type of whip out the back end. The insect is hairy and a light tan color with dark hairs at the front...
    Submitted by Casey, CA

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  • Thu Jun 14 2012

    Springtail Solutions

    I have a potential client who has an infestation of Springtails. This client had used the services of another pest control company but they were unsuccessful in removing the problem. I read the labels of several of the products that I have in my arsenal but was unable to specifically find Springtails listed on any of those labels. Can you recommend a treatment to eliminate an infestation of Sp...
    Submitted by Kevin, CA

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  • Tue Dec 13 2011


    Is it unusual to see Springtails (Snow Fleas) in the south during November/December? I had a customer last week that had a large amount of these little creatures around a garage.
    Submitted by Tim, GA

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  • Sun Oct 16 2011

    Springtails Drive Them Nuts

    We have a well kept house that we service every two months and the only problem they have is springtails, which I sent off to Mississippi State for proper ID. The only place they have seen them is at the sink and at the back door. I have found no water leaks. The outside has flower beds around the house and no sprinklers in the yard. Any suggestions on what to do?
    Submitted by joey, MS

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  • Tue Aug 16 2011

    A Drain With Some Spring

    How do I eliminate springtails coming up from a tub drain that is connected to the main drain in a four unit complex? They are coming up in two other units as well.
    Submitted by Jerome, CA

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  • Tue Mar 8 2011

    Holly Holey

    I have a hollyhock whose leaves are all but devoured, being eaten from the edges of the plant as well as holes through the center of the leaves. A small, chocolate brown insect was observed on the underside of the leaf that goes hopping like a springtail when noticed. Any thoughts?
    Submitted by CHARLES, AZ

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  • Fri Jan 7 2011

    Things Are Really Hopping

    I had a client call me about snow fleas. She was told about them by another pest company. I told her it sounded like springtails and we would need to spray in the spring time and work on the moisture problem, and also do what we could do now. The house is in the West Lake Tahoe area and is a modified A-frame. I believe they are living in shake roofing material? I have never heard of snow fleas ...
    Submitted by Joe, CA

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  • Tue Jun 29 2010

    That Springtime Nemesis

    We are having a difficult time with what looks like springtails, but they do not spring or jump at all. We find them on patios and in bathroom tubs and toilets. Do they come through the drains? Any idea how to control them?
    Submitted by Ben, ID

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  • Wed Jun 16 2010

    Springtails In The Tub

    Springtails in a hot-tub type bath tub - what chemical can be used?
    Submitted by Alan C, NE

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  • Wed Jun 2 2010

    Nagging Springtails

    I have been having an ongoing problem with springtails at my own home for several years. They are not really a problem inside but they are everywhere in my backyard. I have had a plumber check for any leaks and have pretty much stopped watering my lawn in efforts to dry them out. I see no moist areas in my yard except where our backyard drains are, where a little water will accumulate at lower...
    Submitted by Jennie, CA

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  • Tue May 25 2010

    More Than Just Spring In The Air

    We have a customer that has had an ongoing springtail problem. Over the years we have not had many cases dealing with this. We have tried all the usual, such as applying products labeled for them, dehumidfiers, etc. The crawl space does not have high moisture and does have poly over the soil. How can we make this customer happy?
    Submitted by ROBIN, NC

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  • Wed Aug 12 2009

    Springtail Problems

    I have a customer with a really bad springtail problem. I have sprayed in crawl space, plumbing, foundation, windows, entries, cracks, crevices, inside, out-buildings, etc. Is there anything she can spray on her lawn to slow them down or stop them? She lives in an agricultural area and is surrounded by alfalfa fields. Thank you
    Submitted by Haakon, MT

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  • Sun Jul 5 2009

    Summer Is For Spring.........tails

    I have a large food processing account that seems to be having a problem with springtails. The insects are in large numbers on the exterior and are now showing up on the interior. The building is cement on a slab and has 3 feet of stone on the exterior perimeter. The customer is asking us to resolve ASAP of course! We have both Intice and Niban in stock - will either work as I do not see spring...
    Submitted by Randy, NY

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  • Wed Jun 24 2009

    Springing From The Septic Tank?

    I have a customer who has springtails in his bathroom sink, bathtub, and downstairs bathroom. These are the only places they are found. He also has a septic tank. Is it possible these springtails come from the septic tank and through the pipes? If so, is there any treatment available? Thanks, Dan
    Submitted by Dan, MO

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  • Sun Jun 7 2009

    Springtail Solutions

    We have several houses with what we believe have springtails. What do you suggest we use to contain them. Is there any chmical which you feel we can use to correct this problem.
    Submitted by Terri, CA

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  • Tue May 19 2009

    Putting Spring In Springtails

    What are insects called springtails?
    Submitted by michael, NV

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