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  • Mon Mar 27 2017

    Enough to Kill a Horse?

    Can Answer® Kills Gophers by JT Eaton be applied to a dormant pasture? How much does a horse need to ingest before it is deadly?
    Submitted by dwayne, NM

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  • Mon Apr 25 2016

    A Prairie Dog Companion

    What would one use to eliminate prairie dogs?
    Submitted by Zario, WA

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  • Mon Mar 28 2016

    Vole Control

    What is the best rodenticide available from Univar for voles?
    Submitted by Dean, MT

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  • Mon Nov 16 2015

    All-In-One Solution

    What do you recommend as a good deodorizer and disinfectant for rodent urine and droppings? We're doing a clean out of a junk garage in preparation for treatment. There is a heavy odor of rodent urine as well as droppings identified as those of roof rats. Along with rat management, we need to remove the odor and, most importantly, disinfect (hantavirus)
    Submitted by Cameron, CA

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  • Wed Apr 1 2015

    Bat/Rat Crazy

    Is it possible for a person to get sick from rat or bat droppings in a ceiling?
    Submitted by Jodi

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  • Mon Mar 23 2015

    Vole in the Hole

    What would you recommend for vole control in Colorado?
    Submitted by Deborah, CO

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  • Wed Dec 17 2014

    What Remains

    This question refers to Problem Animal Control (PAC) agents in Massachusetts. After dispatching nuisance wildlife after it’s been trapped, what should you do with the carcass?
    Submitted by michael, MA

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  • Fri Apr 18 2014

    Time for a Chimney Sweep

    A client has a fly problem. Flies are always in her living room where there’s a gas fireplace. The flies have gotten worse each year. When looking at the chimney from the outside there seems to be black mold on the shaded side or some kind of moisture problem. The chimney is framed and sided, not brick. She did not have a specimen for me as she cleaned the day before. They are house flies...
    Submitted by Jeff, OH

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  • Thu Feb 27 2014

    Up a Tree

    A customer has 10-15 year old trees and something is crawling up them 15 feet in the air and eating the young bark. Any idea what kind of critter could be doing this?
    Submitted by Timothy, NV

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  • Tue Dec 10 2013

    Mystery Mammal

    Please help. I've been unsuccessful in catching an animal for the last four months. There is a 6"x5" hole dug in under the front of a home obscured by bushes. Previously, I have caught four opossums there. I have since tried various baits including fruits, meats and vegetables. In the last four months, I have filled in the hole of the den only to find it reopened days later. I've inspecte...
    Submitted by Richard, FL

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  • Fri Dec 6 2013

    Getting a Mole Removed

    What is a good solution for moles?
    Submitted by Matthew, TN

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  • Thu May 9 2013

    Chipmunk Punks

    Chipmunks. Simon and Theodore I can handle, but Alvin.... He avoids the baits and insists upon invading a few homes in the mountain resorts of the San Bernardino Mountains. Is there a better way to control these guys from the outside before they find the unknown ways in? I have performed exclusions, yet they still get in. I have seen some pop out of holes in the ground near foundations as ...
    Submitted by Cary, CA

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  • Fri Dec 7 2012

    Squirrels Keeping Warm

    Squirrels in the attic. I need to know what bait to use or how to capture them without them dying in the attic.
    Submitted by David, ID

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  • Tue Nov 6 2012

    Fact or Fiction, Effective or Failure?

    I was asked today about using cotton balls in a bowl of bleach to keep squirrels away? I told this customer I had never heard that before. It sounds like a tall tale but I don't know much about it. What do you know?
    Submitted by William, MA

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  • Sun Oct 21 2012

    Enticing Squirrels

    what is the best bait to put in a trap to catch squirrels?
    Submitted by Michael, GA

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  • Sat Aug 25 2012

    Moles Got The Munchies

    I noticed several bait pellets with zinc phosphide listed for moles. I thought moles primarily ate worms and grubs. How does this bait work on moles if their normal diet doesn't include this type of food?
    Submitted by Richard, NV

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  • Tue Feb 7 2012

    A Rat In Disguise?

    In a new customer's home there are droppings in the basement which appear to be weasel droppings. The weasel was seen standing on her young daughter's chest in the morning. The home does have mice, which weasels love, but why would it be standing on her daughter? Would it bite a human? Is it aggressive? She is scared to go to sleep in her own house. I understand that weasels can travel long dis...
    Submitted by William, MA

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  • Thu Nov 24 2011

    I Don't Like The Look of That Mole

    I have a customer complaining of moles in his yard. What can I suggest to him that would help with his problem? Thanks.
    Submitted by michael, GA

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  • Sat Jun 18 2011

    Trap And Release

    I have recently become certified in vertebrate management. I am looking for places in my local area where I can release the animals that I trap. What other options are available if I am unable to find locations to release these animals?
    Submitted by Scott, OH

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  • Thu Oct 14 2010

    When The Good Are Still Bad

    I have a customer that cannot stand geckos and the poop decorations that they leave on her garage wall. She called me to get rid of them. After explaining to her that they were not necessarily a bad thing to have around and that they help keep the insect population down, she insisted that they needed to go. I also explained to her that once we get rid of the bugs the geckos would most likely mo...
    Submitted by William, TX

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