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  • Mon Jun 29 2015

    The Carpenters

    I have a customer with these little black bees behind her house. They are boring into the siding and swarming around the eaves. They are not carpenter bees. They are smaller and completely black. I have observed them going in and out of the holes in the siding. I am trying to determine what I am dealing with and how to stop them. They make about quarter inch holes in the siding.
    Submitted by craig, WY

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  • Wed May 6 2015

    No Honey Left Behind

    It's bee season again and I'm faced with an ongoing problem. After eliminating bees from a structure, we’re left with the honey, which is not practical to remove. It's like a neon sign that says, “Free food! Free food!” What can be done to keep foraging bees from moving in? Is there anything available to protect against reinfestation?
    Submitted by James R, AZ

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  • Fri Aug 8 2014

    Miracle Worker

    It is unusual to have adult carpenter bees flying around this time year, especially in an area where there is no wood. The situation is a modern office building with a shiny metal surface. There are numerous gaps on the surface to permit moisture to drain away. Exactly one year ago, carpenter bees were hovering and landing on the sunny side of the building. When it was cloudy, they were no...
    Submitted by John, OH

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  • Mon Jan 27 2014

    Control Within Reach

    I have bees entering a church were the two eaves of the roof meet. The access point were the bees are entering is really narrow and about three feet from my reach. I have tried looking in the adjacent attic and there are no signs of bees. Is there some way to reach them when the area is so inaccessible?
    Submitted by jeff, AZ

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  • Tue Oct 8 2013

    Better Than Cats in a Sandbox

    How do you treat bees in a sandbox?
    Submitted by Russell, NJ

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  • Mon Sep 30 2013

    Don’t Do a Darn Thing

    I have a customer with a beautiful and thriving koi pond near their back patio. Each day, the pond is visited by hundreds of honey bees collecting water at the pond's edge. The bees are non-threatening and nobody has been stung yet. But, as a result of all the bees, they cannot enjoy their pond or their back yard. I have attempted to track the bees as they leave the pond, but they seem to v...
    Submitted by Andrew, AZ

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  • Wed Jun 26 2013

    2-4-1 on Ground Bees and Wasps

    I have a customer with ground wasps. Their nests are around one side of the house. They seem to be spreading fast. I was gonna power spray it, but what product do you recommend for them? I have a customer with ground bees. There were so many holes, so I sprayed the holes with my rig. I came back a couple days later and there were new holes. I treated the new holes with tempo dust. Any...
    Submitted by Todd, NJ

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  • Wed May 22 2013

    The Business of Killing Bees

    Two days ago, I got a call from a cemetery for ground bees. When I went to check it out, I found that the bees were in four different locations. The only way that I could take care of such a large section of ground bees was to use a power sprayer. I don't know if this is permissible. I told them to wait and that I would get back to them. Any suggestions on how to deal with this problem wit...
    Submitted by Anthony, NY

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  • Mon Apr 15 2013

    If Your Front Yard is a Giant Sandpit, These Bees Will Dig It!

    I went to a customer’s house today and there are thousands of tiny "bee-like" insects flying around the sand. The whole front yard is just a giant sandpit with no landscaping whatsoever. These bee-like insects actually go into the sand through tiny holes that they make. They seem to fly in and out of the holes. I am out in the desert and, other than sand flies – which these are not – I have...
    Submitted by Darryl, CA

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  • Mon Apr 1 2013

    The Macho Males

    After treating a wooden deck for female carpenter bees that were in the wood, the male carpenter bees returned and began a frenzy of activity. The question is what happens to the males if all the females are dead?
    Submitted by Dan, MO

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  • Wed Aug 29 2012

    Bop The Bee?

    I'm having a problem with sand bees in a play pen. I have tried different products to get rid of them but nothing works. I even advised the customer to change all the sand in the play pen and that didn't even work. There are dozens of bee holes in the sand and his grand kids can not use the sand box. Is there any product that I can use that will get rid of the bees and be safe for the kids? Any...
    Submitted by Anthony, NY

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  • Mon Jul 23 2012

    Bees and Trees

    What is the best way to control wood boring bees? I have a client who has them and they are killing her tree.
    Submitted by Ken, AZ

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  • Tue May 29 2012

    A Catch And Release Policy

    I have a customer that has bees and bats. He does not want the use of chemicals on either but rather wants them to be migrated (taken from his property). How can I achieve this?
    Submitted by Priya

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  • Sun May 20 2012

    Evicting the Bees

    I am an exterminator and live in Cincinnati, Ohio. I have a customer who has 2 different honey bee colonies living in the walls of their house. I have called several bee keepers and none of them is willing come out. What options do I have?
    Submitted by Richard, OH

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  • Mon May 7 2012

    Bee Safe

    I have a potential customer wanting treatment for a broad range of pests. The inevitable wrench, in this case, is that this customer has a beehive from which he likes to collect honey. How do you recommend I go about minimizing my impact on the bees while still maintaining a pest free home and yard? Thanks so much!
    Submitted by Tom, OH

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  • Thu Apr 26 2012

    Bees - Friend or Foe?

    What treatment is there for bees?
    Submitted by Edward, CA

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  • Fri Apr 20 2012

    Bees - Busy and Bothersome

    I work for a hospital that has beautiful, lush lawns, flowers and flowering bushes. When these are watered the excess water dumps into a storm drain in the parking lot, also adjacent to another flower box. The bees are very active around this area. We are surrounded by nut orchards and vineyards, plus our own flowering vegetation, thus the large population of bees. There is water further away f...
    Submitted by Casey, CA

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  • Fri Mar 2 2012

    Anxious For Spring

    Why would honey bees swarm inside a school in February in Georgia?
    Submitted by glenn, GA

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  • Tue Jan 10 2012

    Bees And The Comforts of Home

    What are your suggestions for bees at the bars in hotels? How can we keep them from biting the employees or guests?
    Submitted by Jodi

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  • Thu Nov 3 2011

    Troubles Flow Like Honey

    I guess we all know to remove the honey and hive after exterminating honeybees. It surprises me at how fast other bees and insects will move in to collect the honey. But, what if you can't get to the honey? Case in point is a recent job I did on a 5th-wheel RV type mobile home. You darn near have to tear it apart in order to get to all the honey. These mobile homes are a common habitat for bees...
    Submitted by Ric, FL

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