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  • Sun Feb 22 2015

    Using Online Training

    Where do I enter my license so I can get credits for the training?
    Submitted by Martin, CA

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  • Sat Feb 6 2010

    Training Materials

    Can you provide me a web site to get some insect posters for my technicians office?
    Submitted by jeff, TX

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  • Thu Dec 24 2009

    Certifications for Green and IPM

    Is there a test for going Green and IPM?
    Submitted by Michael, MD

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  • Sun Nov 12 2006

    So Stuck On You

    Hey there Mr. PC I am amazed how insects wind up on glue boards. It doesn't matter if the glue boards are scented or non-scented. What makes the glue board so attractive to the insect? Is it the GLUE or the PAPER the glue lies on?
    Submitted by Sergio, NY

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  • Wed Jun 14 2006

    Teaching IPM

    As one of my employment requirements, as Tribal Pesticides Officer in Whiteriver, AZ, I am to publish articles in our local paper on IPM and the reduction on the use of pesticides. Would you please help me out with some pointers?
    Submitted by christophet, AZ

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