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  • Wed Oct 14 2015

    After the Storm

    I live in the Columbia, SC area. I’m wondering, in light of the recent flooding in South Carolina, what effect will this have on pests? We had an invasion of ants and a few American roaches during the peak of the storm and my home was not even hit with the floods. Any special precautions we should keep in mind while treating in some of the heavier flooded areas after everything starts drying up?
    Submitted by Rick, SC

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  • Mon Oct 12 2015

    Ghostly Spiders

    A woman in an office building is complaining of insect bites inside her office. She went to the doctor and the doctor told her that they were spider bites. I treated the office two times with Cy-Kick CS and Essentria IC3. I also placed insect monitors inside her office. Twenty days later, I inspected the office and no pests were on the monitors. No spider webs – nothing. Could it be somet...
    Submitted by Aussie, CA

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  • Tue Apr 21 2015

    A Time to Kill

    I have a customer that has a problem with boxelder bugs every year. They also get into his home. Are there any products that are effective against them? I’ll inspect and try exclusion, but I was wondering if any pesticides will work.
    Submitted by craig, WY

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  • Mon Jan 26 2015

    Got IPM?

    Where can a person find a good IPM program, such as for schools?
    Submitted by Gerald, CA

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  • Sun Jan 25 2015

    Might Be Bites, Might Not

    This particular issue has me scratching my head literally. Customer complains she and her family are getting bitten by "fleas". I have inspected the home for numerous biting insects - fleas, bedbugs, mosquitoes - they have never seen the culprits nor have I. The family complains it's worse after a bath. I have thought of mites and suggested having a doctor look at the affected areas. Any ideas?...
    Submitted by chad, LA

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  • Wed Jan 21 2015

    What Does A Label Allow?

    My question is about Bifen L/P. Can your target pest be ants, spiders ,crickets, millipedes, and scorpions using this product? Also, am I correct in using .2 lbs. of product for a perimeter treatment of a 5 to 10 ft. band around my customers' homes?
    Submitted by Jeremy, GA

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  • Wed Aug 7 2013

    When SPPs Attack

    We know that stored product pests cause issues with our food supply, destroying food both pre- and post-manufacturing. What health issues can these pests cause if accidently consumed by humans?
    Submitted by Patrick, OH

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  • Wed Jul 31 2013

    Little Stinkers

    What pesticide kills stink bugs?
    Submitted by patrick, NY

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  • Mon Mar 4 2013

    Visitors Are Just Part of the Nightmare

    What different kinds of larvae can you find in beds?
    Submitted by Chris, AZ

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  • Thu Feb 28 2013

    A Sting or A Bite?

    Does each of the following bugs Bite or Sting? Mosquitoes, Bed Bugs, Centipedes, Spiders, Scorpions. Thank you.
    Submitted by Jodi

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  • Thu Dec 20 2012

    Treating Around the Occupants

    I have a couple of Assisted Living / Nursing home clients where the residents live in very residential looking homes. I think Suspend SC and Polyzone offer some of THE best roach control and I have been using Suspend SC inside. Its label says to not apply it in rooms occupied by the elderly or infirm. Do you agree that it should be the manager's job to find a way to move them to a another room...
    Submitted by Christopher, FL

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  • Sun Jul 8 2012

    A REALLY Sensitive Site

    I have been asked to recommend or spray for pests on medical marijuana plants. I know people will be inhaling this by smoking the leaves. Is there a product or products that can be used without harm to the users?
    Submitted by Jim, NM

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  • Tue Apr 3 2012

    Bugs Ask, Where's The Beef?

    What can you tell me about insects and mites that infest cured meats? What are the best control measures? Thank you.
    Submitted by Marcus F., FL

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  • Sun Feb 12 2012

    More Than Spring Is Bustin' Out

    We have had a very mild and wet winter. What are your thoughts regarding how this will affect the crawling, flying bug and mosquito populations this spring? Thanks.
    Submitted by Charles, GA

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  • Sun Dec 25 2011

    Merry Christmas Question!

    Our company is in UT where it gets pretty cold in the winter, and most pest control companies shut down in the winter months. We are looking at offering an inside service only for the winter months, where we do a good inside spray, dust in all the outlets on the main floor, and do a thorough inspection of the house for any cracks, holes, or other openings that need to be filled in. So my questi...
    Submitted by Danny, UT

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  • Fri Nov 25 2011

    Feeling Kindness Toward Bugs

    I have recently been thinking about some aspects of pest control that I hadn't put much thought into. My first question is do insects feel pain and agony? Has this been legitimately documented and sourced? I think they do, or some kind of panic when getting DeltaDust or other poison on them. Second question is, are residual concentrates the most cost-effective way to humanely knock out bugs? I ...
    Submitted by Christopher, FL

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  • Tue Nov 8 2011

    Getting The Right ID

    How can I tell the difference between bed bugs and fleas?
    Submitted by Priya

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  • Fri Oct 28 2011

    Big Itching, Little Evidence

    I have a client who, along with his wife and child, have been feeling they were being bitten, causing severe itching for about a week now. They have no visible signs of bites and the itching is not localized to any particular portion of their bodies. On inspection of the apartment I found no fleas or bed bugs. They have recently started using the heat so I wondered about this. I'm leaning towa...
    Submitted by tim, ME

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  • Mon Oct 17 2011

    Don't Go In The Water

    I live in Phoenix, AZ and I am just starting my own company. I have been offered a job to do general pest control around Phoenix water treatment plants where there is ground water and potable water and I wanted to know a safe product to use in that situation.
    Submitted by jeff, AZ

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  • Wed Aug 31 2011

    Go To The Light

    Why are insects attracted to lights?
    Submitted by Jodi

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