• Wed May 6 2015

    No Honey Left Behind

    It's bee season again and I'm faced with an ongoing problem. After eliminating bees from a structure, we’re left with the honey, which is not practical to remove. It's like a neon sign that says, “Free food! Free food!” What can be done to keep foraging bees from moving in? Is there anything available to protect against reinfestation?
    Submitted by James R, AZ

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  • Fri May 1 2015

    Spray It, Don’t Stream It

    I think that, at times, I'm applying liquid products with too much pressure. Using a Burchmeier backpack sprayer, I normally spray a stream along the house and fan spray mulch areas. Indoors, I was taught to spray a stream along baseboards and corners with a B&G sprayer, but a light mist would seemingly give better coverage. Am I wrong?
    Submitted by dan, IA

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  • Tue Apr 28 2015

    Official State Bats

    What is the most common bat in the United States and in the state of Mississippi?
    Submitted by tracy, MS

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  • Fri Apr 24 2015

    Fifteen-Year Deadline

    What exactly is the review process for registered pesticides? Is there a set amount of years before a product must be reviewed? Do manufacturers have to present additional data? Also, in the case of pyrethroids and neonicotinoids, is there a deadline for their labels to be updated? I see many labels that have the updated language, but I also see quite a few labels with the old language stil...
    Submitted by Stephanie, FL

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  • Tue Apr 21 2015

    A Time to Kill

    I have a customer that has a problem with boxelder bugs every year. They also get into his home. Are there any products that are effective against them? I’ll inspect and try exclusion, but I was wondering if any pesticides will work.
    Submitted by craig, WY

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  • Thu Apr 16 2015

    Penny for Your Duster

    I have been told for years to put a penny into my bellows duster to keep the dust from clumping. Is this a good practice?
    Submitted by Patrick, OH

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  • Tue Apr 14 2015

    State Search

    Which products here in New York are restricted use pesticides?
    Submitted by Ryder, NY

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  • Thu Apr 9 2015

    Every Word Counts

    The Demand CS label (among others) states that an application is not to be made to impervious (concrete) surfaces EXCEPT as a spot or crack & crevice treatment. Does anyone have a workable definition of a "spot" treatment? I understand we are not to broadcast an entire concrete patio, but what about the two to three feet where the patio joins the foundation?
    Submitted by Jay, OH

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  • Tue Apr 7 2015

    Fermented Scented

    Is there any kind of pheromone sticky trap for gnats? I know in some situations you can almost never get rid of them 100% no matter how you clean, but if we can at least keep them away from areas where people are working, eating, etc.
    Submitted by Matthew, CA

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  • Wed Apr 1 2015

    Bat/Rat Crazy

    Is it possible for a person to get sick from rat or bat droppings in a ceiling?
    Submitted by Jodi

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  • Fri Mar 27 2015

    Case Clothed

    What is the best way to manage casemaking clothes moths?
    Submitted by Tammy, FL

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  • Wed Mar 25 2015

    Water It Down

    How can I manage American cockroaches coming out of sinks and floor drains in a medical building?
    Submitted by Aussie, CA

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  • Mon Mar 23 2015

    Vole in the Hole

    What would you recommend for vole control in Colorado?
    Submitted by Deborah, CO

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  • Fri Mar 20 2015

    Down to the Very Last Fly

    I have a heavy fly and gnat presence in a trash collection room. We have used baits, and enzymes in the trash chutes, but flies persist. Recommended product?
    Submitted by Cameron, CA

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  • Thu Mar 19 2015

    Effective For How Long?

    The different formulations such as CE, WP, SC, CS will offer differing lengths of persistence of the active ingredient, right? Let's assume we are talking about a regular 4th generation synthetic pyrethroid such as Deltamethrin. How much could each of those formulations, on average, give us as residual?
    Submitted by Marcus F., FL

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  • Wed Mar 18 2015

    Keeping Stored Products Effective

    What is your take on product shelf-life? Length of time stored, efficacy after months. Also, when a liquid freezes overnight does it water down after it thaws? We have an active rotation system and usually bring products and equipment indoors, but I would imagine that excessive heat is also a problem. Thanks
    Submitted by Andy, MA

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  • Tue Mar 17 2015

    Any Final Answer on Boric Acid?

    Some literature says that boric acid, Borax and DOT will interfere with the insect's metabolism. On the other hand, some articles say that it kills the protozoa (and all other symbiotic organisms) living in the insect's gut, preventing it from breaking down food and eventually absorbing nutrients. Which is correct? thank you.
    Submitted by Marcus F., FL

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  • Mon Mar 16 2015

    Persistent Mice

    I have a home that keeps getting mice. I have caught 6. I don't like to use baits but I am at that time where I need to do something else. I plugged all holes and the house was vacant for a long time.
    Submitted by Alan, FL

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  • Fri Mar 6 2015

    No Fishing License Needed

    What are the products available for silverfish management?
    Submitted by paul, AL

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  • Thu Mar 5 2015

    Pack Rats are Not Good Neighbors

    I got a call from an older lady wanting to know to how to rid her woodshop and the property in general of pack rats / wood rats, as well as another call from someone new. What is available for bait for these rats? What do you tell people about pack rats?
    Submitted by James R, AZ

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