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  • Tue May 17 2016

    Remedies That Don’t Work

    I come across rodent problems every day and hear all kinds of things, including using moth balls or mint leaves to keep mice and rats away. Are these things true? If not, why are there companies making mint trash bags? Are there other “remedies” like these that work?
    Submitted by mike, NY

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  • Tue May 10 2016

    All Systems Go for Systemics

    When is the best time to apply systemics for aphids?
    Submitted by Rory, ID

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  • Fri May 6 2016

    Emerald Ash Borers

    What is the best product for emerald ash borer management?
    Submitted by Trevor, OH

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  • Mon Apr 25 2016

    A Prairie Dog Companion

    What would one use to eliminate prairie dogs?
    Submitted by Zario, WA

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  • Tue Apr 19 2016

    You Can Lead a Rodent to Water…

    I have an idea to apply salt to standing water outside of a granary, as it would be easier and more cost effective than doing the dirty work necessary for better runoff at this point. My hope is that the salt water will not be used by the rodents, which will further my success with liquid bait stations. What do you think?
    Submitted by scott, ID

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  • Mon Apr 11 2016

    German Coffee

    I have several coffee shop accounts and some have German cockroaches inside the coffee machines that are coming from other food stores. I have applied Maxforce gel with hydramethylnon, Maxforce Impact and Advion cockroach gel and the problem continues. I am thinking of applying diatomaceous earth or an aerosol like CB-80 after asking for some good cleaning to reduce the food and water sources...
    Submitted by Dennis, FL

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  • Thu Apr 7 2016

    Dropping Like Flies

    When I was a kid living in London and we got flies in the living room flying around the ceiling light, my mum would get an area spray and spray around the room while we were in there. Are there area sprays like this now? If a client lives near a trash area outside and is constantly getting flies in the house, would this be the best approach? I understand the sanitation aspect, but the custom...
    Submitted by Steve, FL

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  • Mon Apr 4 2016

    Reasonable Pressure

    I’ve been doing a lot of bed bug jobs lately. My pump sprayers put out too much product to treat furniture. I use aerosols, but they are expensive. Besides buying a portable aerosol unit, do you know of any good sprayers or nozzles I could use?
    Submitted by Shawn, OH

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  • Thu Mar 31 2016

    The Flea Suite

    What is the best product for fleas in an occupied hotel room?
    Submitted by James, MD

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  • Mon Mar 28 2016

    Vole Control

    What is the best rodenticide available from Univar for voles?
    Submitted by Dean, MT

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  • Thu Mar 24 2016

    Like Oil & Soap

    What products can I apply to tomato plants in order to kill spider mites?
    Submitted by mark, CA

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  • Wed Mar 9 2016

    Brown Dog Tick, Tick…Boom!

    What is the best procedure for tick infestations? Is it necessary to spray yards? What is the most effective product?
    Submitted by James R, AZ

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  • Mon Feb 29 2016

    Marina del Web

    I have an opportunity to bid on a spider and web management program at a marina. How would you effectively bid on this? My thought is to use the measurements of the treatment areas to help determine the amount of chemical to have on hand per treatment, then factor in a labor rate and add margin for profit. What are your thoughts? This would be an ongoing contract as well as over the course ...
    Submitted by scott, ID

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  • Thu Feb 4 2016

    Most Valuable Technician

    Can you give me some pointers on being the best pest management technician in our company?
    Submitted by David, AL

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  • Tue Feb 2 2016

    Lots of Numbers

    I have an account with Special Quality Food (SQF) audits. I’ve been asked to add another column to my pesticide usage log for the lot numbers of the products I currently apply. Where might I find the lot numbers?
    Submitted by Tony, IA

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  • Thu Jan 28 2016

    What to do About Zika

    I’ve had several customers ask me about the Zika virus. What info can I provide besides advising them to reduce mosquito breeding sources and to protect themselves from mosquito bites?
    Submitted by Andrew, TX

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  • Tue Jan 26 2016

    Drywood Drill & Foam

    Regarding foaming a wall void for spot treatment of drywood termites, I can't decide on Bora-Care or Termidor Foam. I assume Bora-Care will penetrate the wood better and provide a remedial treatment as well as prevention. I'm not so sure about Termidor Foam. Can you offer any suggestions?
    Submitted by steve, CA

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  • Wed Jan 20 2016

    Not Enough Tanks

    We use several products throughout the day for different properties. We are thinking about getting a truck mounted power sprayer. My question is, if you have a 100-gallon water tank for the day, how do you switch between products? Is there some type of injector that can put a specific amount of product into the water stream? Or, are you stuck with the product you put into 100 gallons of wat...
    Submitted by Yoel, FL

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  • Mon Jan 18 2016

    How to out with the Old

    What is the correct way to dispose of old pesticides in the state of Maryland?
    Submitted by michael, MD

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  • Thu Dec 31 2015

    Brown-Bandeds Go Everywhere

    I have an apartment with German cockroaches that I’ve treated many times where sanitation is not a problem. When I check back, she tells me she is seeing them in the living room and bedrooms. I have left sticky traps to monitor and only ever have evidence that they are in the kitchen. Finally, the other day I saw one running the walls in the living room. I am using Maxforce and Arilon. I'm ...
    Submitted by Trudy, MN

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